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Night Watch (2-Volume Set)
Night Watch (2-Volume Set)
Night Watch (2-Volume Set)
Item#: 8982738630-49
Regular price: $33.96
Sale price: $28.87

Product Description
Korean Title: "Night Watch"
Author: Sergei V. Lukyanenko
Translator: Soo-yeon Lee
Publisher: Hwanggumgaji
2-volume set

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean only.
This is a multi-unit set and the shipping cost will be adjusted to that of 2 books
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You may purchase individual volume(s) instead of the entire set. To do so, please clearly state, in the Comments box during the check-out process, which volume(s) only you want to purchase. We will modify your order accordingly, after your order is submitted.

About This Book

Night Watch (Russian: Nochnoy Dozor) is a science fiction/fantasy novel by a popular Russian writer Sergey Lukyanenko published in 1998. In 2004, it was made into a blockbuster film by Timur Bekmambetov. Also, in 2005 Nival Interacive| released both the computer game, based on the book, and also the second part of the movie.

The story revolves around a confrontation between two opposing supernatural groups: Night Watch, an organisation that seeks to improve the world, and Day Watch, which selfishly seeks to gain by exploiting humanity.

The novel is first in a trilogy that continues with Day Watch (Dnevnoy Dozor) and Twilight Watch (Sumerechnyy Dozor).

For as long as the Universe existed, there was the Twilight, a magical realm that existed beneath the surface of all things. And for as long as humanity existed, there were the Others - human beings who tapped into the Twilight and gained incredible abilities. But the Twilight doesn't offer its gifts freely. Those who use the Twilight for too long cease to age, but with every year they gain, they lose more of their humanity. Also, the Twilight feeds off the strength of those Others who enter it, and if they are sufficiently weakened, they are consumed, never to return to the ordinary world.

Over the centuries, the Others formed two distinct groups. Those of the Light believed it was their duty to help the weak and the helpless. Those of the Dark shunned all obligations. They did what they wanted, regardless of morals, and consequences. For many millennia, the two sides fought a vicious battle. Both were willing to use any means that would lead them to victory. But eventually they realized that if they continued their battle, neither side would survive. So the leaders of both sides forged the Grand Treaty - a set of laws to govern the way the Others used their powers. The Light Others created the Night Watch, to ensure that the Dark Others would not violate the Treaty. The Dark Others created the Day Watch, to ensure that the Light Others would not violate the Treaty. And the Inquisition, a group composed of both Dark and Light Others, was created to ensure that neither side became too powerful.

Since then, the Night Watch and the Day Watch kept their eyes on each other, diligently policing every violation of the treaty. But just because the battle was over didn't mean the war ended. The old leaders continued to plot, using humanity and the Others as their pawns. Only time will tell which side would prevail.

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