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One Chance in a Lifetime
One Chance in a LifetimeOne Chance in a Lifetime
One Chance in a Lifetime
Item#: 8995904984
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Product Description
Korean Title: Ilgi Ilhoe
Author: Venerable Beop-jeong (Beop Jeong, Beopjeong)
Publisher: Munhak-eui Soop
390 pages | 206*149mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Published in June 2009, this is the first collection of dharma teachings by given to scholars and general public by Venerable Beopjeong.

In these messages, Beopjeong talks about how grateful we should be for this life which will never be repeated in the same way -- "Every person, thing, event, feeling is one that you will meet once in your life and never again."

Original Korean title "Ilgi Ilhoe" is a term originated from Japanese chado (tea ceremony) and can be translated as "for this time only", "chance meeting", "one meeting, one opportunity", "never again", or "one chance in a lifetime." The characters literally mean "one time one meeting" - of course, the Kanji characters have meaning far beyond a direct translation like this. Some might use this phrase to talk of an opportunity that presents itself just once in your life. It could also be the single chance-meeting with your true soul mate. Basically an expression for any event that might happen once in a lifetime. There is also a traditional version of this phrase. Just the last character is different. The traditional form was used in Japan before WWII and in Korea prior to 1900. This phrase is also somewhat known in China. If you want this traditional form, just click on the character to the right.

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