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[DVD] One-Armed Swordsman: Trilogy (Region-3 / 3 DVD Box Set)
[DVD] One-Armed Swordsman: Trilogy (Region-3 / 3 DVD Box Set)
[DVD] One-Armed Swordsman: Trilogy (Region-3 / 3 DVD Box Set)
Item#: 9113255002
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Product Description
Korean title: Oepari
Starring: Di Lung, Jimmy Wang Yu, David Keun
Director: Chang Cheh
Studio: IVL / Shaw Bros
Rating: NR
Genre: Action

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About This DVD

Cheng Cheh's classic One Armed Swordsman Trilogy strongly influenced the era of "macho" stylised Kung Fu movies in Hong Kong. The three movies in the Trilogy were written for the screen by the legendary fictionist Ni Kuang and choreographed by the renowned Kung Fu actor Lau Ka Leung.

Cheng Cheh, the Godfather of Kung Fu movies, introduced a theme that matched macho ideology with chivalry and violence, heralding a trend of male-dominated casting. One Armed Swordsman (1967) turned Cheng into the very first director to make a movie that recorded one million at the box office in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. This blockbuster also spawned a series of sequels inherited with uniquely untrammeled filming style and aesthetics soaked in blood. However, the heroes in Cheng's movie world are not immortal. The high impact action they displayed were masterly skilful and highly realistic, i.e., however tough the protagonists were, they could still die in the end. Another characteristic of Cheng's martial-arts movies is that the spirit of chivalry was often threatened by the fatal intrusion of women. But the blood of women would never stain the sword of a man. Heroes would only shed blood for the sake of fellowship. This kind of brotherhood among swordsmen soon raised the bar for the subsequent heroic movies to follow.

One Armed Swordsman

Fang Gang (Jimmy Wang) is raised by the master of a kung fu school who owes his life to Fang's father. Dubbed as the school's inheritor, Fang is however derided by his fellow students, in particular by the master's only daughter Qi Pei (Pan Yin-tze), for his humble background. When Fang refuses to fight in a duel, Qi mutilates him. The now crippled swordsman is nursed back to health by a young lady Xiao Man (Chiu Kou) whose father teaches Fang a devastating one-armed fighting style. Learning that his master is attacked by the Long-Armed Devil (Yang Zhi-qing), Fang volunteers to help using the broken sword left by his late father and the newly acquired fighting style. In the end, Fang and Xiao retire into obscurity together.

Return of the One Armed Swordsman

Return of the One Armed Swordsman offered an enriched cast with other Kung Fu masters like Tien Feng and Ng Ma. Cheng Chah crafted many novel combat scenes to let Jimmy Wang flex both his acting and fighting muscles. This sequel goes on telling the retired lives led by Fang and his wife Xiao that are threatened by evil bandits. Return of the One Armed Swordsman crossed the HK$1.29 million mark at the box office just 13 days after it hit the market crowning the top of Hong Kong's blockbuster charts in February 1969.

New One Armed Swordsman

Due to the departure of Jimmy Wang from Shaw Brothers, New One Armed Swordsman teams David Keung up with Di Lung in the last movie of the Trilogy. Swordsman Lei Li (David Keung) is set up by another veteran called Long Yi-zhi (Goo Fung), losing his right arm in the event. When Lei seeks refuge in a small restaurant, he also encounters the love of his life- Ba Jiao (Li Jung). However, Jin Fen and Jin Yi members of a wicked gang also catch sight of this beautiful lady and it is only because of Feng Jun-jie's (Di Lung) help that Lei can fight off the two gangsters. The two young swordsmen become the closest of friends, but Feng is later killed by Long. Lei soon unleashes invincible martial arts skills to avenge his buddy and finally, takes the life of Long. More than 30 years after its debut, the New One Armed Swordsman is still able to attract international interest. As a result, the classic martial arts film has been invited for a special screening in the "Cannes Classics" section at the 57th Cannes International Film Festival.

Source: City Entertainment

Audio Format: DD 2.0 Stereo
Video Format: Widescreen 2.35:1 (Anamorphic) 
Languages: Chinese
Subtitles: Korean  
Country Made: Hong Kong
Region Code: 3
Year Made: 1967 / 1968 / 1971
Running Time: 110 / 101 / 93
Special Features: - The Master - Chang Cheh
- Trailers
- Picture gallery
- Poster art
- Behind the scenes pictures
- Biographies / filmographies
- Production notes


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