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The Origins of the Korean War (2-Volume Set)
The Origins of the Korean War (2-Volume Set)
The Origins of the Korean War (2-Volume Set)
Item#: 8976966112
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Product Description
by Bruce Cumings

size: 242*170mm; 2 Volumes; Hardcover; 608 + 958 pages. publisher: Yuksabipyungsa, 2003.

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About this book

"A decade ago, Bruce Cumings opened a new chapter in Korean War studies by arguing that this horrible conflict was above all a civil war. The Roaring of the Cataract is on a grander scale and narrated in a freer, more indignant voice than the first volume....there is no better camera obscura for those daring to revisit the bloodbaths that convulsed Korea at mid-century."
--- Far Eastern Economic Review

"This is a remendously important book on a remarkably complex and engaging subject. As in the first volume, Cumings brings to the project passion and intellect, prodigious research, and personal involvement. Determined to go beneath surface apprearances, he vividly portrays the ways in which the North and South Korean regimes established and wielded power from 1947 to 1950. His investigation shatters numerous myths about the 'democratic South' and 'Societized' North."
--- Michael Schaller, author of Douglas MacArthur : The Far Eastern General

Table of contents

[Volume I]

List of Illustrations
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Abbreviations

Part I. Setting
1. Class and State in Colonial Korea
2. Lord and Peasant in Colonial Korea
3. August to September 1945: Revolution and Reaction
4. Crucible of Policy: Contending Forces in American

Part II. Politics at the Center. 1945- 1947
5. Forging a New Order: The Entry of American Forces and Policies Toward the Bureaucracy, the Police, and the Military
6. Toward a Seperate Southern Government
7. Internationalist Policy and Nationalist Logic: Hardening at the Center in 1946

Part III. Koreans and Americans in the Provinces, 1945-1947
8. An Overview of the People's Committees in the Provinces
9. The Fate of the Committees in the Provinces
10. The Autumn Harvest Uprisings
11. The North Wind
12. Conclusions: Liberation Denied

Subject Index
Name Index

[Volume II]

Maps, Figures, and Tables
1. Introduction: Recollections on Method and a Theory of American Foreign Policy

Part I. America
2. Containment and Internationalism
3. Rollback and Nationalism
4. Predestination for the Labyrinth: Spices and Speculators
5. Rollback Percolates in the Bureaucracy

Part II. Korea
6. The Southern System
7. The Resistance to the Southern System
8. The Guerrilla Conflict
9. The Northern System
10. The Soviets and North Korea
11. North Korea's China Connection

Part III. Overtures to June 1950
12. Decent Interval: American Withdrawal, the Border Fighting, and the Guerrilla Suppression
13. "The Speech": Achesonian Deterrence at the Press Club
14. North Korea on the Eve of the War
15. South Korea on the Eve of the War
16. Telltale Taiwan
17. A Quiet Weekend in June: Tokyo, Moscow, and Washington on the Eve of the War
18. Who Started the Korean War? Three Mosaics

Part IV. Epilogue
19. The War for Containment
20. The Political Character of the War: People's Committees and White Pajamas
21. The War for Containment
22. Conclusion: The Setting Sun

Subject Index
Name Index

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Vol.1: Liberation and Emergence of Separate Regimes 1945-1947
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Vol.2: The Roaring of the Cataract 1947-1950
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