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Oseam (Region-3)
Oseam (Region-3)Oseam (Region-3)
Oseam (Region-3)
Item#: osadvd
Regular price: $23.29
Sale price: $19.80

Product Description
Starring: Kim Seo-Young, Park Sun-Young, Son Jong-Kwan
Director: Seong Baek-Yeop
Studio: Cinexus
Rating: G
Genre: Animation

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This DVD is encoded for Region 3. This DVD will NOT be viewable on regular DVD players made in the U.S.A., European countries or Japan unless they are code-(region-)free DVD players. To learn more about DVD Region Code, please visit our Info Page and look for Info on DVD Region Code in Return Policy section.

About This DVD

Original Story : JEONG Chae-bong

A poet and master storyteller, JEONG pioneered a new genre called "fairy tales for adults" with his popular publications, many of which were translated into French and German. A fairy tale about a five-year-old boy who enters Nirvana, "Oseam" weaves heart-wrenching episodes of a child who goes on a search for his mother and finds her in a miraculous finale. Since its first publication in 1983, it sold more than 100,000 copies in Korea.

Blind girl, Gami, and her five-year-old brother, Gilson, only have each other in the world. Having no home to return to in the cold winter, the two kids start their life at a Buddhist temple. Wanting to see his mother, even if for just one brief moment, Gilson decides to follow the monk to a temple on a remote mountain to learn to see with his mind. "If I make a wish with all my heart, mom will come back to see me!"

Gilson may be a linguistic genius. He shows an unusual talent for describing anything and everything he sees for his sister. He remains remarkably loveable throughout the roughest of escapades, taking the constant lectures by the monks at a temple with the grace of a high-polish adult. He also talks to clouds, birds, deer and other animals freely, illustrating great imagination. He hopes to see his mother, and to learn to see with his mind so that he can teach the trick to his blind sister

Gami is quiet and serene for the most part, but displays frightening charisma when she is angry. She keeps a sad secret about her mother that she cannot share with her brother. All she can do is control her emotions and quickly hide her tears when they fall while she talks of Mother to her endearing younger brother.

A monk devoted to Buddhist aesthetic practices at Gwaneum Temple in Mt. Seorak, Gangwon Province. He fatefully meets Gilson and Gami on the road and brings them to the temple. He later invites Gilson to the small temple in a remote mountain to study, but meets an accident on a trip to the marketplace amidst a snowstorm.

Audio Format: DD 5.1 Surround
Video Format: Widescreen 1.85:1 (Anamorphic) 
Languages: Korean
Subtitles: English, Korean  
Country Made: Korea 
Region Code: 3
Year Made: 2003 
Running Time: 77 / 40
Special Features: - Interative Menu
- Scene Selections
- About Jung Chae-Bong
- Making Film
- Make Conti
- Photo Gallery
- Location
- Production Note
- Music Video
- Trailers
1. Demo 2. Trailer 3. TV Spot
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