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The Other Side of Dark Remembrance
The Other Side of Dark Remembrance
The Other Side of Dark Remembrance
Item#: 8988095553
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Product Description
by Kyun-Young Lee

size: 18.8x12.0cm, 105pages. publisher: Jimoondang, 2002.

About this book
The Other Side of Dark Remembrance was the winner of the 8th Annual Yi Sang Literature in 1984. This novella falls into the fiction genre dealing with the division of North and South Korea. Stories of this genre often fold ideological conflicts and their ramifications at their center; rather than treating these issues upfront, however, The Other Side of Dark Remembrance follows the mundane yet confused life of a metropolitan salaried man. During the process if retracing important contract documents he lost while drunk, the protagonist unexpectedly comes face to face with a dark menory submerged in the subconsciousness of his common bourgeois being. This remembrance of a heartbreaking separation caused by the Korean War ultiamtely impels him to confront the long-repressed unjunctionof his mother's last words.
--- From the Back Cover
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