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Pathfinder in Korean 1 (Set: Student Book + Workbook + CD)
Pathfinder in Korean 1 (Set: Student Book + Workbook + CD)
Pathfinder in Korean 1 (Set: Student Book + Workbook + CD)
Item#: 6000112358
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Product Description
by Ewha Women's University Language School

Student book, Workbook, and 1 Audio CD
size: A4. publisher: Ewha Women's University Press, 2001.

About this book
Pathfinder in Korean (1,2), designed for adults who begin to learn Korean as a foreign language, is featured by its integration of the four language skill areas - listening, speaking, reading, and writing - in balance. Each book consists of three main sections: Activity, Task, and Reading. Activities are forced on communicative practice with grammar features, and Tasks are presented in ways that they get learners to use the grammar items in real-life settings for communication. The Reading section is divided into two parts: General Reading and Take It Easy. The General Reading part exposes learners to a variety of materials to help them get acquainted with different ways of organizing ideas in Korean. The reading of Take It Easy is provided not only for the purpose of developing reading skills but also for getting learners familiarized with Korean culture and Koreans' way of thinking.
Pathfinder in Korean without a doubt distinguishes itself with its solid organization of different sections. It is also prominent in its systematic appraches to increasing learners' communicative competence in real-life situations. In addition, this book realizes the ideal of linking culture with language.

The Workbook of "Pathfinder in Korean," consists of 15 units, each of which is divided into four exercise sections: GRAMMAR, VOCABULARY, FUNCTION, and SAMPLE DIALOGS. In the GRAMMAR section of each unit, learners will be guided to study and practice systematically and comprehensively the goal grammar items presented with limited information in the Student Book. In the VOCABULARY section, learners will be invited not only to go over the words from the Student Book but some other extended words. In the FUNCTION section, learners will get acquainted with how to use expressions in a socially and functionally appropriate manner. In the SAMPLE DIALOGS section, learners will get exposed to the sample dialogs in a sequence so they can improve thier reading skills and enhancing their comprehension of Korea culture.

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