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Phono Sapien
Phono Sapien
Phono Sapien
Item#: 9788965707691
Regular price: $31.70
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Product Description
Title: Phono Sapiens
포노 사피엔스 - 스마트폰이 낳은 신인류
Author: Choi Jae-bong
Publisher: Sam & Parkers
336 page / 152*223mm 580g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Phono Sapien!

There are "phonos" behind the "floats"!
The creation of new wealth, the standard of new behavior, the center of a new market, the world is already overthrown by them!
Phono Sapien is coming in. All of the world s culture, economy, society and politics are moving by them, and they are reorganizing the business ecosystem as a standard of civilization.
The business that embraced this civilization grew explosively to swallow the global business market, and on the contrary, companies that rejected this civilization have lost competitiveness or have disappeared from the market due to repeated declines.
This is clear. According to whether or not we understand the Phono-Safian civilization, we have a chance to survive in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The author of this book, Professor Choi Jae-bong And the systematic analysis of data, the rapid changes in the market over the past decade have been solved by the new people called "Phono Sapien".
I am seriously reflecting on the emergence and characteristics of the new people and the reality of the new civilization that they became axis, the changes of the market changes and consumption behavior by industry groups, the success strategy of the Phono Sapience era and the talent of the new era.

The transition to a new civilization that comes with two faces of opportunity and crisis is sure to leap at us. It is told by clear data in this book. Also, this book will help us to be able to go through the wisdom rather than anxiety, so that we, who are confused by rapid changes, can see opportunities rather than crises.

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