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Portents and Politics in Korean History
Portents and Politics in Korean History
Portents and Politics in Korean History
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Product Description
Korean Studies Series 7
by Seong-rae Park

size: A5, 294pages. publisher: Jimoondang, 1998.

About this book
In the traditional historiography of Korea, there are so many records on unusual natural phenomena, which the author calls portents. Until the late 1970s the enormous records on the portents had been almost totally overlooked by the historians of Korea. And it was about the same for the portents for Chinese and Japanese historical records. With this research Dr. Park had actually done the ground-breaking study by defining the meaning and significance of portents in the intellectual climate of the traditional society of Korea.
After his pioneering adventure in this fascinating field, the portents in the historical writings of the bygone days had been slowly attracting academic attention. This is the first book of its kind about the East Asian tradition of portents and their politico-ideological implications.

I. Portentography in Korea
1. Samguk sagi
2. Koryosa
3. The Sillok of the Choson Dynasty
4. Stages of Portentography

II. Portents in Korean History
1. Omens
2. Auspices
3. Recapitulations

III. Rise of Confucian Portentology in Korea
1. Portentology in Chinese Philosophy
2. Portentology and Politics in Koryo Confucianism
3. Traditional Exorcisms in the Early Choson Period
4. Portents and Korean Kingship

IV. Portents and Neo-Confucian Politics in Korea, 1392-1519
1. The Growth of Confucianism and Portent Politics - Kings T'ejong and Sejong
2. Reaction to Confucian Portentology - Kings Sejo and Songjung
3. The Birth of Neo-Confucian Portentism - King Songjong
4. Violent Reactions to Neo-Confucianism - King Yonsan
5. Victory of Neo-Confucianism - King Chungjong
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