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The Spirit of Korean Cultural Roots 9: The Poetic World of Classic Korean Women Writers
The Spirit of Korean Cultural Roots 9: The Poetic World of Classic Korean Women Writers
The Spirit of Korean Cultural Roots 9: The Poetic World of Classic Korean Women Writers
Item#: 8973006274
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Product Description
Author: Hye-soon Lee
Publisher: Ehwa Women's Univ. Press
Hardcover | 145 pages | 188*128mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean only.

About This Book

At a time when literary Chinese was monopolized by male intellectuals, it is remarkable from the aspect of establishing female intellectual history that goes beyond simply the quality and value of their literature that these women, systematically prohibited from public education, taught themselves Chinese literature and became involved in the act of writing poetry, rivaling their male intellectual counterparts in literature.


1. Do Not Speak of the Beauty of Yeosan
Hwang Jini's Pride, Songdo-samjeol

2. Walking Walking Finally Reached Macheonryeong
Song Deokbong, A Dignified Wife to Her Husband

3. Although Its Beauty Fades, Its Clear Fragrance Will Never Die
Heo Nanseolheon, Who Suffered the Nobility's Contempt

4. I Am a Crane of the Paradise Realm Trapped in a Birdcage
Yi Maechang, Who Was Buried With Her Harp

5. My Body, Too, Is of Royal Blood
Yi Okbong, Whose Poems Lacked the Fragile Sentiments of a Woman

6. Long Ago at My Home by the Sea, I Was Happy with Family
Kim Hoyeonjae, Who Composed Poems with 13 Members of Her Literary Family

7. Knowing Contentment Is Most Important in Life
Seo Youngsuhap, Who Steadfastly Admonished Even Her Son, a Great Scholar

8. Only Women in the Inner Room Speak Words of Longing and Yearning
Kim Samuidang, Who Staked Her Dreams on Her Husband's Success

9. Please Do Not Concern Yourself with Food and Clothing
Kang Jeongildang, Her Husband's True Intellectual Partner

10. Do Not Be Envious, You Flowers and Birds
Kim Uncho, Who Married a 77 Year-Old Literary Figure
Who Recognized Her Poetic Talent

11. As First Plum Blossom Falls, Dreams Become Clearer
Park Jukseo, Whose Poems Spoke of Purity

12. Dipping the Brush in My Tears, I Write the Word "Longing"
Kang Jijaedang, Who Also Excelled in Calligraphy

13. The Great Ultimate Abides within Us
Nam Jeongilheon, Who Mastered the Classics


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