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Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
Item#: 9791187330059
Regular price: $28.30
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Product Description
Title: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
Korean Title: 지방이 범인
Author: Caldwell Esselsteen
Publisher: Simon Books
ISBN: 9791187330059
312 page /145 * 210 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

index Recommendation Speech ( Dr. Hwang Seong-soo)
Words of the Supervisor (Lee Eui-cheol Specialist) Recommendation Speech
(Collin Campbell)
Author's Preface

Chapter 1 - Food cures all diseases?
Chapter 2 - Turning from a money-making doctor to a 'poor doctor'
Chapter 3 - Beginning a 12-year long experiment
Chapter 4 - How does fat attack your body?
Chapter 5 - Is the myth of eating evenly?
Chapter 6 - Amazing Things Happened in 12 Years
Chapter 7 - Why Didn't Any Doctor Tell the Truth?
Chapter 8- How to lose weight and not get sick is so simple
Chapter 9- What to do in such a case? -Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 10- Why not eat olive oil, which is said to be good for health?
Chapter 11- Introducing my dear comrades
Chapter 12- Fat is the cause of all diseases
Chapter 13- Your blood vessels can be as clean as a 9-year-old child
Chapter 14- The truth is always simple - Guidelines for diet
Chapter 15- Seven Heroes Who Survived After Falling into a Well Appendix- Introducing two esteemed doctors of conscience, Dr. Esselsteen

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