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The Record (aka: Dead If Recorded / Region-All)
The Record (aka: Dead If Recorded / Region-All)The Record (aka: Dead If Recorded / Region-All)
The Record (aka: Dead If Recorded / Region-All)
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Product Description
Korean Title: Jjikikimyeon Jungneunda
Starring: Kang Seong-Min, Jeong Min, Lee Young-Ho, Bae Jun-Hyung, Park Eun-Hye
Director: Kim Ki-Hoon
Studio: Spectrum DVD
Rating: 18+
GeGenre: Horror

About This D

A creepy feeling overwhelms you!!

Speed : A Horror with speed!
With the story unfolded speedily, goes beyond the limits of Korean horror movies.

Suspense : Fears from imagination and visual images attack the audience.
puts you cling to the seat to the end with unexpected twist and suspense.

Scare : brings horror back into the real world, transcending the limits of Korean horror movies.

Are you ready to scream?

After the final exam, Hui-jung is haunted by an anonymous and got a weird Internet address. When Hui-jung and her friends type in that Internet address, they see the clip of their past ?what happened 2 years ago. Then it slowly shows the slaughterhouse covered in blood.

Everything about horror comes from the story!

Horror movies begin and end with ideas. How to kill? How to make the audience shiver in fear? Two-year-long work on the script enabled the story to contain unprecedented unique scenes in Korean horror movie history. adopted slash movie style to it for the first time in Korea. Slash movies give much of thrills rather than bizarreness, involving more than screamings. They should breathe with the audience.

A realistic imagination should be supported by sensational scenes, which consists of. Watching students murdered one by one, the audience stays on the edge of their seats throughout the movie.

The first scream movie ever made in Korea!

<The Record> is the first scream movie made in Korea. Until now, all the Korean horror movies have the same story lines, but this film is made with Hollywood-styled fun and horrors you could have seen in such movies as <I Know What You Did Last Summer> and <Scream>. With thrills and speed rather than cruelty and gloom, it's the first scream movie in Korea.

I have a knife stuck in my head! - Special make-up is more like a slash horror doubling the thrill with special make-ups.
Scenes of Sung-wook's body on fire, blood dropping from a hand cut off, and a knife stuck in Kyung-sik's forehead were prepared a month before the movie was cranked in. Efforts were made to make wrinkles on the faces look real, and it took 3 days to plant hair on the mannequin head used for the scene where the knife is stuck in the forehead.
Blood, an indispensable element in horror movies, was made in various types depending on the scenes, and the total amount used reached almost 200 liters. A movie with a turnover beyond imagination!The turnover of the ending scene is very important in the quality of horror movies. While the movie ends with the unexpected turnover, offers a controversial ending, which will give you an unforgettable ending scene with an unimaginable turn-over. is a novel horror that deals with various school problems. Even before realizing the message the movie carries, the audience falls into the state of fear.

Special effects and computer graphics demolish the wall between fiction and reality.

Special effects and 3-minute-long computer graphics in offers something more than a normal horror film does. From a stunt man on fire jumping off a cliff to a knife stuck deep into someone’s temple, blood dripping down a test tube and to a school nurse falling off the roof of the school building, special effects and computer graphics in offer us extreme fears.

Who wants to die first?

Hyung-joon (Kang, Sung-min) : A rather cynical boy with a good personality
He puts together all the clues to solve a mystery and shows great leadership in protecting his friends..

Hee-jeong (Park, Eun-hey) : She's the only one who is nice to Sung-wook, an osterized boy. She keeps her composure until the mystery unveils itself.

Eun-mi (Han, Chae-young) : An Eun-hye's best friend
She's the sweetheart every boys dream of and she plays an important role in solving the case.

Jong-ho (Jung, Min) : He loves basketball.
He's the one who comes up with the idea of making a snuff film.

Sung-wook (Lee, Young-ho) : A Maskman because he always wears a mask because of his allergy. Everybody at school picks up on him with this mask.

Kyung-sik (Bae, Joon-hyung) : He's a promising athlete. He cares more about how he looks than about what he’s doing. He acts carelessly and puts his friends in danger.

Sister (Um, Ji-won) Sung-wook's older sister. She confronts Hyung-joon and the gang after her brother disappears. She has the image of a mysterious woman.

Teacher (Ahn, Jae-hwan) Looking absent-minded, he's a man of principle. He often becomes a target of games his students play, but he knows very well what’s going on.

The story begins at a villa in the deep forest. In the darkness, suspicious fellows come to the villa and thrust knives into Seong-uk's body. Screaming and bleeding, he is dying slowly. When the director shouted "Cut," Hyeong-jun and other actors take off their masks with smiles on their faces. Tehy were imitating a snuff film to fool Seong-uk whom they always were dissatisfied with. However, the play turned out to be real. Seong-uk is already dead. They thought his death would destroy their future and decided to burn the body and to bury it. And then, they decided to keep it secret until they die. After an examination at the school, Heui-jeong feels she is being chased by an unidentified person. She and her party receive a message from 'ROTTEN'. They have access to the website and see the incident of two years ago on the site. And a camcorder slowly focuses on the bloody scene.

Audio Format: Dolby Digital Stereo
Video Format: Widescreen 1.85:1 (Anamorphic) 
Languages: Korean
Subtitles: English 
Country Made: Korea 
Region Code: All
Year Made: 2000 
Running Time: 90
Special Features: Production Notes, Theatrical Trailers, Hightlights
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