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A Review of Korean History Vol.2 - Joseon Era
A Review of Korean History Vol.2 - Joseon Era
A Review of Korean History Vol.2 - Joseon Era
Item#: 9788983410924
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Product Description
Author: Han Young Woo
Publisher: Kyongsaewon
Pub. Date: Jan. 2010
Pages: 317
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions (in inches): 6.69 x 9.80 x 0.75

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in ENGLISH.

About This Book

"A Review of Korean History" (Volumes 1-3), a new English-language series, has recently been published by Kyongsaewon Publishing Company in the Republic of Korea. Featuring a comprehensive overview of Korea's history, from ancient times to today's contemporary era, this series was originally published in Korean in 1997, after which it has enjoyed steady sales in Korea. Complete with full-color printings throughout, this book offers a welcome and undaunting introduction into Korean History. With this English edition being made available to readers abroad, the volumes will serve as a useful information resource for those with an interest in Korean Studies and contribute to a better understanding of Korea's historical developments among the global community.

• More than 700 visual aids such as pictures, paintings, statistic tables, maps
• Kind description through over 1,000 pages
• Include contemporary records up to 2008
• Recent trends in North Korea
• Dynastic Lineages from ancient to Joseon era
• Detailed index and glossary section.

Han Young Woo is currently Emeritus Professor at Seoul National University and a Distinguished Professor at Ewha Womans University's Ewha Academy for Advanced Studies.
He has previously served as a visiting professor at Harvard University, Director of Korean Studies, Director of the Kyujanggak Archives, Dean of the College of Humanities at Seoul National University, and the Chairman of the Department of Historical Sites within Korea's Committee for Cultural Heritage.


An Early Modern Bureaucratic State -Joseon

Chapter 1 The Establishment of the Joseon Dynasty
1. The Revolution Launched by Yi Seonggye and His Followers
2. New Image of the State and New Capital
3. The Completion of the State Structure
4. Expansion of Territory and International Relations

Chapter 2 Reform of the Ruling System
1. Reorganization of the Bureaucratic Structure
2. Corvee System
3. Reorganization of the Social Status and Hierarchial Structures
4. The Education and Official Recruiting Systems
5. Military Service System and Military Organization

Chapter 3 Economic Development during Early Joseon
1. Development of Agriculture
2. Development of the Handicraft Industry
3. Development of Commerce

Chapter 4 Culture of Early Joseon
1. Development of Neo-Confucianism
2. Compilation of History, Geography, and Ritual Books
3. The Creation of the Hunmin jeongeum (Hangul)
4. Development of Science and Technology
5. Literature and the Arts

Chapter 5 The Growth of the Sarim Faction and its Culture
1. Concentration of Wealth and Excessive Tributes and Military Taxes
2. The Rise of the Sarim, Literati Purges, and Factionalism
3. Literati Culture of the 16th Century

Chapter 6 Japanese and Manchu Invasions
1. Hideyoshi Invasions (1592-1598)
2. Gwanghaegun’s Post-War Reconstruction and his Policy of Neutrality
3. Injo Restoration of 1623 and the Manchu Invasions

Chapter 7 The Restoration of Dynasty in the 17-18th Centuries
1. Alliances between the Factions and the Campaign to Take Revenge on Qing
2. The Reversal of the Factional Powers and Strengthening of Royal Power
3. Yeongjo’s Impartial Policy and the Revival of Dynasty
4. Jeongjo’s Impartial Policy and Reforms
5. Improvement of the Taxation System
6. Development of Industry and Changes in the Social Hierarchy System

Chapter 8 The Cultural Renaissance of Late Joseon
1. The Rise and Development of Silhak
2. The Rise of Northern Learning in the Late 18th Century
3. New Trends in Philosophy and Religion
4. Development of Gukhak (National Learning) and Science
5. New Trends in the Arts and Literature

Chapter 9 The Conflict between Seoul and the Regions in the Early 19th Century
1. In-law Politics and the Disorder of the Three Tax Systems
2. Resistance from the Countryside
3. The Culture of the Early 19th Century

Dynastic Lineages
Index Glossary

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