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Riquet a la houppe
Riquet a la houppe
Riquet a la houppe
Item#: 9788932919263
Regular price: $22.26
Sale price: $18.92

Product Description
Title: Riquet a la houppe
Author: Amélie Nothomb
Translator: Lee Sang-hae
Publisher : Open books
ISBN: 9788932919263
232 pages | 128 * 188mm (B6) | 315g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Chu Nam, Beauty Amélie Nothomb (Author), weird (omginyi) | Open Books | 2018-09-20 | Riquet a la houppe (2016) share


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Home 232 pages | 128 * 188mm (B6) | 315g | ISBN: 9788932919263 delivery fee One new book free of charge ? Estimated date of receipt If you order by courier now , you can receive it today (17 ~ 21) 88.9% probability of last 1 week(Junglim-dong Change location, Jung-gu, Seoul )

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- seed pencil - Book of the year 2018! If you participate in the voting - November special gift! 2019 Aladdin Diary! - This time, Aladdin Goodz! News Alerts Application Domestic Books > Fiction / Poetry / Drama > French Novels Domestic Books > Fiction / Poetry / Drama > World Literature > French Literature

"The blockbuster of French Modern Parade (" Nouvel Observatoire ") is a popular writer called Amelie Nohtov novel. This is a modern reinterpretation of Charles Ferro's fairy tale "Coronation Hair Liquor", which features two main characters: an ugly but genius man, and a beautiful but stupid (actually not stupid) woman. Today, rarely seen as a warm love story, I got a good response.

Nohtob has long been loved by readers all over the world for his works, which boast of humor, peculiar imagination, and smooth sentences. As one of the leading writers of modern French literature, he has published sensational works since his debut with unmatched sincerity. Her work has been translated into over 46 languages ​​worldwide and has sold over 16 million copies. In 2015 he was elected to the Belgian French Academy.

The two protagonists of represent knowledge and beauty, two axes of power that individuals possess in modern society. At first they are persecuted, but gradually they gain their self-esteem and power by taking advantage of their strengths. A translator, a Frenchologist, has translated other works of Nohtov, such as The Crime of Earl Earl and Friends of Champagne. The original fairy tale of Ferro translated to help readers' readings is listed at the end of the book.

First sentence Enid, the first pregnant woman at age 48, awaited the birth of a Russian roulette. P.19 : When I was a parent, I could not help but notice that the quality of the horses was poor. I had to adjust to their level, and even to the level they gave him. P.29 : I said, "Mom, it looks good on your mother!" I swear! The baby is only 13 months old! . Theodore is a monster! It's a gifted! It's a genius! P.57 : He was too intelligent and did not think there was anything more to learn. Even when he knew it, he was interested in the way the teacher explained it. When I did not listen to my teacher, I watched other students secretly.

Lille (French literary magazine) : A love story that praises beauty beyond cynicism, or a transformation story of love Paris Machi : A real joyful book that you can fall in love with Le Monde (France) When we reach the point of describing the union of the two protagonists, the most cliche expressions are renewed, and the praise of beauty reaches the existential depth Other people recommend this book: Culture Daily - Culture Daily, September 28, 2018 Dong-A Ilbo - Dong-A Ilbo "Fragrance of Books" on September 29, 2018 Chosun Ilbo - Chosun Ilbo "Read one line" on September 22, 2018

Paris at the end of the 20th century in Paris. A very ugly baby boy is born. That ugliness is enough for parents to fall into despair. But this child, Deodar, was a genius. Classmates who are tired of superior intellectual abilities are no longer harassing him. The same half-naked girl falls into this unique monster and suffers a fever of love once in a while. However, Deo does not mind or obsess when they come and think they are going.

At the same time, a remarkably beautiful girl is born in Paris. The name is Tremier. Every child annoys Tremier. The first is so beautiful. The second is the most stupid in the world. The fact is that she is not stupid, because she chooses to stay silent rather than reacting to anything.

Since his childhood, Deo Da had become a famous ornithologist. Tremier became a model. The job worked well with her puzzling look.

One day I was planning to feature two people on a talk show on the station. "It's a fun experiment." Two people who have been bored in their waiting rooms come across by chance. Suddenly, I have an idea in my head ... ...

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