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Romantic Killers: Limited Edition (Region-All / 2 Disc Set)
Romantic Killers: Limited Edition (Region-All / 2 Disc Set)
Romantic Killers: Limited Edition (Region-All / 2 Disc Set)
Item#: nmjg
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Product Description
Korean Title: Nangman Jagaek
Starring: Kim Min-Jong, Choe Seong-Guk, Jin Jae-Young
Director: Yun Je-Gyun
Studio: I Vision Entertainment
Rating: 18+
Genre: Action

About This DVD

Once upon a time, there were hungry killers, not gladiators.
Nobody knows who they are.
Nobody knows what they do.
As the story goes, the streets were dyed in blood red after they passed.
But the truth was a national secret.
They're called the "Nang Man Ja Gaek".

They were fed up with the world, and the world thought they were romantic

Yerang : He appears to be a ruthless assassin, but he's as timid as a rabbit
Yoi : He becomes an assassin to make money for his baby sister
Yong : He's a giddy goat and good at using spears.
Gak : He pretends to be quiet because he can't pronounce words properly.
San: He studied in China. His nose bleeds when he gets too excited.

Hyangi : She was a bully in earthly life. She's very tough.
Shin Yi: She's under a delusion that she's popular with boys.
Vee: She's a tomboy who emphasizes loyalty.
Poong : A sexy virgin ghost with a voluptuous body.
Cho : She appears to be very innocent, but the truth is that she's foolish.

Feifei : The daughter of an ambassador from Ching, she loves Yoi.
Ambassador from Ching : He's a Ching ambassador to Korea.
Hopyo : Master of swordsmanship, he secretly loves Feifei.

Sorcerer : He's a pseudo sorcerer who sponges off of women. He becomes a hostage of crazy assassins.
Mi-sun : A hostage of crazy assassins. She's slutty and jealous.
Princess Jung-rin : Yerang's ex-girl friend. She becomes a victim of a twisted fate.

Audio Format: DD 5.1 Surround, DD 2.0 Stereo, DTS
Video Format: Widescreen 1.85:1 (Anamorphic) 
Languages: Korean
Subtitles: English, Korean  
Country Made: Korea 
Region Code: ALL
Year Made: 2003 
Running Time: 98 / 145
Special Features: - Making of
- Deleted Scenes
- Interview with Director and Cast
- Behind The Scenes
- NG Cuts
- Another Making of
- How To Learn Dancing
- Ending Credit Scene
- Diary
- Making of Trailer
- Trailer
- Letter From Cast
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