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Item#: 9788901260716
Regular price: $36.80
Sale price: $31.27

Product Description
Author : 자청
Publisher : wj books

This book is written in Korean.

Most people can't escape mediocrity because they follow the dictates of their genes and nature. But they don't know it, they're trapped in a self-conscious "I'm different" mindset that leads to endless rationalizations. Why do we never achieve real freedom? Why do we talk about money all the time and yet spend our entire lives in debt?

The author himself was stuck in this cycle until he was twenty years old, so he knows what it's like to be stuck in a rut. His first book is filled with life-leveling cheats that he discovered that helped him escape poverty and achieve financial freedom and happiness. As a teenager, he was at the bottom of the heap in terms of looks, money, studies, and everything else. Then, at the age of twenty, he realized that "life, like a game, has a playbook," and his life began to change. He used the cheats he learned from reading more than 200 books to start a series of successful businesses.

He became known as the "billionaire no-capital entrepreneur" in 2020 when he garnered over 100,000 subscribers in just 20 videos, but he soon quit YouTube without regret. Since then, he has expanded his business in various ways, including his own online marketing business. In the meantime, the character of "life hacker" and the concept of "no-capital startup" have become a symbol of breaking stereotypes. Let's head to the "passing lane of life" together through the "7-step model of the retrograde" that Zachung discovered.

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