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Sadness sorrow study
Sadness sorrow study
Sadness sorrow study
Item#: 9791160401967
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Product Description
Title:Sadness Sorrow Study
Author: Hyung-Chul Shin
Publisher: Hangyere Publishing
428 page/ 141 * 211 * 23 mm / 532g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Contents A book on your head

Studying sadness Your 'boring' sadness - why is 'The Killing Deer' a tragedy Study on sadness - 2 years of dreaming with Walter Benjamin - Ron Marasco - Brian Shuff "Before the Tunnel of Sorrow" - Sung Hoon Kim - On the Imbalance of Sadness - Min, Yong Geun Rear view not interpreted - Miyamoto Teru "The Light of Fantasy" Nemu, Nemu and Nemu - Ernest Hemingway Discussion on the impenetrage - Freud and Rilke , the colony of sorrow - Monica Maron "Sad Beast" The second death of love - Orpheus and Eurydice Sorrow forgotten sadness - Kim Kyung-ho Tianjin And dang - Hyungjun Park Lee So-rae as a literary- Lee So-rae Should we> between 5.18 and 4.3 susceptibility to violence authenticity in the Frame - Lee Joon-ik

when part 2 life veil truth four properties, events, sex, naemyeonseong - photos of those literary will , when the veil in life the truth - James seolteo "last night. " - Hwarty Muller "The Breathing Swallow" The History of the Painful Heart - Lim Chul Woo "The Valley of Separation" Park WanSeo Sensei - Park WanSeo Exceptional gene's spirit - BAE SUAH and steaming apple character Museum suites pieces - Albert Camus "strangers" become the game of life - at least "more than a novel whole volume" by relying on the light of misreading - Jorge Luis Borges For the immigrants of language "Nocturne" language - Yoko Tawada "The writer without the spirit" The cognitive value of the novel about the apologism which is as stubborn as Jebal - Hee Kyung Eun "A casual life" Why read a novel - Kim, Yoon Hyung, Baek Young-ok Can we be a better person?

Part 3 of our day-to-day still Goodbye, Park Chung-impeachment and the subsequent disarmament of the 'North-South' and 'gender' of the prophets -2018 years depths person Country of premature welfare of social recognition - watching the national flag bag container of Meryl Streep that even there is no mocking the opposite of the conservative Democratic Do not enjoy hate and farmer's despair - Kim Sung-soo Hope is a life sentence - Kim Seung-hee "Hope is lonely" Murder of the country Kim Il-il and Hong Ji-yu Time required for political novels - Antonio Tavuki " hope is a bus-twenty weeks low-quality sour of storytellers - Heinrich von keulrayiseuteu Cheonan, J teachers to peace will soon win

Why not if the City part 4 Why not if the city - literature Insun put to the publication of 50 calls upon the neighborhood kept publishing 100th edge when Munhakdongne - say love poems poetry, answer no questions - Rilke, a torso of an ancient Apollo - Rilke, two angels at the time - jineunyoung "song stealing" I was born as a new disease - Kim Hyesoon "sorrow mirror toothpaste cream" Nobel Prize for Literature festival as a writer, but not a jukebox-agent Thomas Forest trust Mer Norway, Nha forest yinya Furniture - Haruki Murakami "Haruki Murakami job Writings" against loneliness and happiness - Haruki Murakami and the crooked lines sincheolgyu Sincere some moments when talking do not know - hwanginchan "gugwanjo wash group" Yitorok hot attitude to - over and Soo Young Kim Pool, resistance nor despair-Soo Young Kim dongchundong Diogenes Portrait of-gimyoungseung We do not give up during the end - and celebrate the literary and intellectual poet-ray publishing 400 call the exact compliment - jangseungri

part 5 with respect to the integrity of the flounder against the halibut perfection - a replacement for the logic of love, the love of Marx My dear enemy 's face, voice, and text - your Station: evolution negatives of hwanghyeonsan in spring It will not bear cubs amazing and really a written language really Why are you sorry? - Mong Yong Kun and others. About Human Defaults - David Foster Wallace "This is Water" Confucius's Human Typology Mentoring Mentoring 146 times Ability Difference Depressingly ambiguous - Where is your soul city? Answering the World in Literature No one can see the report. Who respects the public. The four flows of time.

Appendix Novela Best 6 Recommendation Charity Best 10 Best Books of Life 5 Into the book The best prose sentence is a sentence that demonstrates that it is sweeter when it is also precisely myopa pain. We know what sweet pain is, the subject of dreams and sleep. Look analogy to dreams and sleep, her sentence, and for some reason in what that dream endlessly that weep no cry wakes up is long as a drained, wake up to a drained of people for a long time no cry love in the arms feel that the sadness is slowly transforming into a sweet sense of relief that the moment is coming back again to sleep. _69

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