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SayNo Love
SayNo Love
SayNo Love
Item#: 9791168473690
Regular price: $13.58
Sale price: $11.55

Product Description
Author : SayNo
Publisher : Day One

This book is written in Korean.

The 2023 edition of Sayno's classic book, The Teachings of Sayno, is officially released!Meet Sayno's "Current Thoughts" from a 100 billionaire. A collection of his most popular writings since 2000. The Teachings of Sayno, which has been available in e-books and apps, as well as in bound voluntary editions, is finally available in bookstores nationwide. This edition collects several editions of the book and adds his latest thoughts, which have been verified by the author. The additional texts, which are only available in the official edition, are marked separately in the table of contents and in the text. As I want more people to be encouraged by this book, I have made it available for purchase for less than 7,000 won, even though it is over 700 pages long. The official e-book is also available for free. *The author's pen name, Say No, means to say "No!" to things you believe in and live your life properly. In his columns over the past 20 years, Sayno has shared his experiential knowledge of life, along with his wisdom on wealth and success as a senior citizen. That's why his readers call him "Master Sayno".

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