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Seas of the Moon(revision)
Seas of the Moon(revision)
Seas of the Moon(revision)
Item#: 9788954699273
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Product Description
Korean Title: Dareui Bada
Author: Han-ah CHUNG
Publisher: Munhakdongne
236 pages | 188*115mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

--Winner of 2007 Munhakdongne Writer's Award

"If you want consolation and want to confirm that thereís still hope in life, you should read this novel." -Jo Kyung-ran (novelist)

The "I" in this novel is Eun-mi, who has failed exam after exam for employment at newspaper companies, is leading the life of a good-for-nothing. Her days are depressing, with her parents after her case, and even her hair falling out due to stress over her uncertain future. Then one day, she hears incredible news from her grandmother: her aunt, who severed contact 15 years ago, has become an astronaut at NASA. In her letters, sent secretly to her grandmother, are vivid descriptions of the daily life of an astronaut, and unfamiliar scenes of outer space. When her grandmother tells her to go meet her aunt in the United States, Eun-mi leaves home with her auntís address in her hand.. There, she finally meets her aunt after some complications, and learns the hidden truthÖ In learning the truth that her aunt had kept hidden until now, she feels betrayed for some reason. In hearing the story about the past 16 years of her auntís life, however, she comes to acknowledge that her auntís life belongs to her aunt in the end, chosen by her aunt and no one else, and that her aunt can still be part of her future.

Alternating between Eun-mi's story and her auntís letters, Seas of the Moon, weaves a tale of "reality and fiction" by talking about the "affirmation of life." The characters who never give up, even though they havenít been able to realize their goals, and how they watch over and encourage one another, must have sprung forth from the authorís affection towards life and people. Seas of the Moon whispers that our lives sparkle, just as "when we look far into the night sky, we can find something sparking in a corner of a beautiful and round planet," and that this is when "real life" begins, patting the shoulders of those of us who are worn out by daily life.

"This book tells readers that "real life" begins when you realize that life is longer than a dream, and is, at times, stronger than a dream."

About the Author
CHUNG Han-ah was born in Seoul in 1982, and graduated from the Department of Korean Literature at Konkuk University. She is currently enrolled in the masterís program at the graduate school of the same university. She received the 12th Munhakdongne Writerís Award for Seas of the Moon, which was selected for its ingenuous and sophisticated composition, keen observation of characters, and realistic and convincing portrayal. The insight into life and affection for people throughout the work reveal the depth of perspective through which this young writer looks at the world. This formidable and promising writer has a bright future ahead of her.

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