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Hwang, Seok-yeong: Collection of Stories
Hwang, Seok-yeong: Collection of Stories
Hwang, Seok-yeong: Collection of Stories
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Product Description
Author: Seok-yeong Hwang
Publisher: Changbi

Korean Title: Gaek-ji, Molgaewol-eui Sae, Sampo Ganeun Gil
Vol.1:Gaek-ji(9788936460167) -> 148 * 210 mm / 336page
Vol.2:Sampo Ganeun Gil(9788936460174 -> 148 * 210 mm / 356page
Vol.3:Molgaewol-eui Sae(9788936460181) -> 148 * 210 mm / 322pages

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>>>This book is written in Korean only.

About This Book

This collection is a phenomenal achievement of modern Korean literature, in which the monumental trajectory of Hwang Sok-yong’s literary creativity is mapped out. Containing excellent short stories and a novella, it is the final of the works that the writer selected. It has 29 pieces, all of which are acclaimed as Korean classics. The texts include, for example, “Near the Standing Stone” and his debut work “The Tower,” along with “The Land of Strangers,” “ Chronology of Mr. Han,” “The Way to Sampo,” “The Bird of Molgaewoel” and “Passionate Love.”

he quintessence of the collection is found in the writer’s highly sophisticated sensitivity, intricate description, and unflagging dynamism that confront the reality of his time. The literary critic Jin Jeong-sok says that the works by Hwang Sok-yong are the most honest ethical participation in the Korean experience of modernity and the most vigorous artistic exploration of how human beings can liberate themselves. He also says that thanks to Hwang, contemporary Korean literature has fulfilled the profound unity of enjoyment and enlightenment, of imagination and historical consciousness, and of aesthetics and ethics.

he writer has enhanced overall quality of the works in this collection through his meticulous final revision, which helps us to view his literature systematically. He has also added supplements such as his chronology, a preface and postscript of previously published collections, and a list of critical essays on his literature. The series of prefaces and postscripts in Volume 3 introduces his turbulent literary career. The engaging and informative accounts of the way the writer obtained and composed the subjects for each work help readers better appreciate his works. “ Chronology of Mr. Han” is based on his mother’s story-telling; and “Pig Dream” depicts the lives of factory workers.

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