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Sejong Korean 1: Teacher's Guide
Sejong Korean 1: Teacher's Guide
Sejong Korean 1: Teacher's Guide
Item#: 9788997134465
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Product Description
Title: Sejong Korean Teacher's Guide 1
Korean Title: 세종한국어 1 교사용 지도서
Author: National Institute of the Korean Language
Publisher: Gong and Park
ISBN: 9788997134465
76 page 208*285mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean&English.

About This Book

《Sejong Korean》, completely revised by the National Institute of the Korean Language after 11 years, is a standard textbook for learners of the Korean language and culture around the world.
《Sejong Korean》, which was newly released after 4 years of effort from 2019, has been rearranged as a customized textbook that can be flexibly used according to the local learning environment of King Sejong Institutes around the world.
In addition, it was produced to encourage foreign learners' interest in Korean Wave contents in the contents to encourage their enthusiasm for Korean language learning


Part 1 Common Contents
1. Composition of the textbook
2. Utilization of textbooks according to curriculum (hours)
3. Use of textbooks and detailed guidelines
4. Types of practice and activities of textbooks

Part 2 Contents by Unit
01 Hello. I'm Anna.
02 What's your phone number?
03 My bag is next to my desk.
04 I study Korean.
05 Buy bread and milk.
06 Five apples, please.
07 It starts at 7 o'clock.
08 Is the weather hot?
09 I took a walk in the park.
10 Shall we go to the amusement park together?

01 What kind of food do you like?
02 I'm going to the library to borrow a book.
03 I'm going to shop at the department store.
04 Do you have a bigger size?
05 Where is Sejong Restaurant?
06 How can I get to the Korean Museum of Art?
07 I'm going to Jeju Island.
08 It was better than the last trip.
09 You have to rest well at home.
10 I swim before I go to school.
11 Can you make Korean food?
12 I'm going to give a pen to Genie.

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