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Sejong Korean 4A (Korean Edition)
Sejong Korean 4A (Korean Edition)
Sejong Korean 4A (Korean Edition)
Item#: 9788997134281
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Product Description
Title: Sejong Korean 4A- Korean Edition
Korean Title: 세종한국어 4A (국문판)
Author: National Institute of the Korean Language
Publisher: Gong and Park
ISBN: 9788997134281
128 page 208*285mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean&English.

About This Book

《Sejong Korean》, completely revised by the National Institute of the Korean Language after 11 years, is a standard textbook for learners of the Korean language and culture around the world.
《Sejong Korean》, which was newly released after 4 years of effort from 2019, has been rearranged as a customized textbook that can be flexibly used according to the local learning environment of King Sejong Institutes around the world.
In addition, it was produced to encourage foreign learners' interest in Korean Wave contents in the contents to encourage their enthusiasm for Korean language learning


01 If I could, I'd like to live in a foreign country for a year
02 It's a place I'd like to visit at least once
03 The new album is finally coming out
04 The heavy snowfall is causing a lot of damage
05 What apps do you use? Which app do you use the most
06 Garlic not only boosts immunity but also prevents cancer
07 The bus shook and almost knocked me over
08 In the fall, ripe persimmons were running around
09 Wasn't this week's show great to watch?
10 The main character looks at the desk and is surprised and starts looking for something
11 I'm going to give a presentation about Chuncheon
12 I'm going to give a presentation about Korea.

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