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Sejong Korean 4: Teacher's Guide
Sejong Korean 4: Teacher's Guide
Sejong Korean 4: Teacher's Guide
Item#: 9788997134496
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Product Description
Title: Sejong Korean Teacher's Guide 1
Korean Title: 세종한국어 1 교사용 지도서
Author: National Institute of the Korean Language
Publisher: Gong and Park
ISBN: 9788997134465
76 page 208*285mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean&English.

About This Book

《Sejong Korean》, completely revised by the National Institute of the Korean Language after 11 years, is a standard textbook for learners of the Korean language and culture around the world.
《Sejong Korean》, which was newly released after 4 years of effort from 2019, has been rearranged as a customized textbook that can be flexibly used according to the local learning environment of King Sejong Institutes around the world.
In addition, it was produced to encourage foreign learners' interest in Korean Wave contents in the contents to encourage their enthusiasm for Korean language learning


Part 1 Common Contents
1. Composition of the textbook
2. Utilization of textbooks according to curriculum (hours
3. Use of textbooks and detailed guidelines

Part 2 Contents by Unit
01 If possible, I'd like to live abroad for about a year.
02 It's a place worth visiting.
03 is finally releasing a new album.
04 There is a lot of damage caused by heavy snow.
05 What app do I usually use?
06 Garlic not only boosts immunity but is also good for preventing cancer.
07 The bus shook and almost fell down.
08 In the fall, ripe persimmons ran all over the place.
09 Wasn't this week's broadcast really worth watching?
10 The main character looked up at the desk and was surprised and started looking for something.
11 I will introduce about Chuncheon.
12 I would like to present about Korea.

01 He's active in everything and has a sense of humor.
02 When I first met him, I thought he was calm.
03 I'm thinking about starting a business or getting a job at a company.
04 I shouldn't have given up on that dream.
05 Compared to teenagers in their 40s, many people said they should get married.
06 Do you know how to call the staff at the restaurant?
07 I work to manage the sky road.
08 I am respected for teaching me about life.
09 The number of people using cash is decreasing.
10 I think you should use your real name on the Internet.
11 I think we'll have a happy family in 1110 years.
12 I can't believe you're graduating already! I can't believe it.

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