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Self-Confidence Lessons
Self-Confidence Lessons
Self-Confidence Lessons
Item#: 9791186757093
Regular price: $26.42
Sale price: $22.45

Product Description
Author: Hong-kyun Yun
Publisher: Simple life
304 pages | 144 * 225 * 22 mm /507g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Psychiatrist, Dr. Answer Yoonís Confidence-boosting Self-coaching Method. Self-confidence expert and psychiatric doctor, Yoon Hong Gyoon, compiled this book after 2 years of directly practicing these methods with patients. This book contains many practical tips and ways to increase self-confidence. Those who want higher self-esteem but donít know where to start as well as those who experience inner conflict and discord due to low self-esteem will find this book helpful. Do you constantly learn new things but still donít have the confidence to speak up? Are you overflowing with humble and caring emotions towards others to the point where you put yourself last? Are you easily hurt by words? Are you always cautious of your words and canít speak your mind in fear of hurting othersí feelings? Are you overly sensitive when it comes to making and breaking relationships? Are you always hesitant about your decisions and end up spending all your energy on the wrong things? Is your brain and heart constantly in disagreement? Do you hate yourself for being all these things? Then this book will be of great assistance to you.

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