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Seoul Pyongyang Mega City
Seoul Pyongyang Mega City
Seoul Pyongyang Mega City
Item#: 9788959892914
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Product Description
Author: Gyeong-tae Min
Publisher: Miraebook
264 pages | 152 * 224 * 18 mm /480g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

If we do not actively prepare the reunification of the Korean Peninsula in our generation, there may not be a chance to come back later. If the Korean economy is weakening its growth momentum and if the division of the Korean peninsula is maintained permanently, South Korea and North Korea will become weak countries under the influence of the Northeast Asian powers, and the potential of the unified Korean peninsula will not budge, is. Therefore, it is urgent to recognize that North Korea's problems are directly related to our safety, economic interests, and future survival. If we fail to make timely strategic decisions and lose our opportunities, we will not be able to take advantage of the potential of the Korean Peninsula, but North Korea's economic value may be prevalent in other countries. While China, Russia and Japan are interested in North Korea and actively investing in it, there may be a sad situation in which we only miss opportunities. - P7 ~ 8

The creation economy of the Korean peninsula that utilizes North Korea not only gives new vitality to the Korean economy, but it can also be a breakthrough that overcomes the economic crisis. First, the answer to the problem of low fertility and aging is here. Currently, South Korea imports foreign workers due to labor shortage. Economic integration with North Korea not only solves this chronic labor shortage problem, but also suggests ways to improve the demographic structure. This is because the average age of the population is lowered and the sex ratio of men and women can be balanced. If the population of North and South Korea is integrated and the Korean Peninsula becomes the economic center of Northeast Asia, it will have the effect of securing the domestic market reaching 80 ~ 100 million people including the floating population of related industries such as business and tourism. It is a practical way to boost the industry by boosting domestic demand. - P26

It is customary for North Korea to play a role as a test bed for testing the innovation needed in South Korea, applying new technologies, and building new technology infrastructure. At present, South Korea is already well equipped with existing systems, which often hinder the application of new innovations. Although some new technologies have entered the maturity stage, they often fail to be introduced due to inefficiencies that are rejected by the market system or overlap with existing investments. In such a case, it would be difficult to apply the new system to North Korea instead of South Korea. It is advantageous for everyone. We can skip the 'creative destruction' process of existing systems in South Korea and apply 'innovation of creation economy' directly to North Korea. The experiment of creative innovation through the unification of North and South Korea is a very unique environmental condition that no nation in the world has. South Korea and North Korea are so heterogeneous in every respect. However, assuming that the two Koreas are integrated into one in the future in the end, the difference between them means mutual complementarity. From the standpoint of South Korea, North Korea is a huge laboratory that can try various innovations in the creative economy. From the perspective of North Korea, South Korea is the driving force behind economic growth that no less developed countries in the world have. P29

Germany, which had to pay huge economic costs due to radical unification, has great implications for Korea. If the reunification takes place through a gradual integration process through economic cooperation between the two Koreas rather than a radical absorption unification due to the sudden change of North Korea, the benefits from South Korea's economic burden may be much greater than at the initial stage. What is more, we must not forget that it is not only the cost of reunification. We are already paying a huge dividing cost in the divided North and South. Considering the military costs of North and South Korea, unnecessary diplomatic costs, the suffering of separated families and North Korean defectors, and Korea discounts, they will always embrace huge losses. If the cost of unification is the money that is invested for the future of the country, the cost of separation is the money that will disappear once it is used. Therefore, it is correct to understand unification cost as investment for greater profit rather than one-sided investment. - P31

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