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Since we fell
Since we fell
Since we fell
Item#: 9791158884543
Regular price: $28.30
Sale price: $24.05

Product Description
Title: Since we fell
Author: Dennis Luhain
Translator: Park Mi young
Publisher: Golden eggplant
ISBN: 9791158884543
500 pages | 152 * 223mm (A5 new) | 559g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

"It's a heartbreaking, fussy, romantic, sophisticated novel with a great psychological insight and tension, showing Dennis Luhain's best ability."

Dennis Luhain's new work, "Why We Are Falling" has been published in the Golden Branch, which is praised for its social-wave crime thriller with solid writing and excellent attractiveness such as "Island of Murderers" and "Mystic River." Dennis Luhain was the first romantic thriller he wrote for women, and it became a hot topic for Hollywood producers' fierce copyright competition before publishing. A woman who is suffering from a panic attack due to a trauma leads a succulent story of Dennis Luhan's sensual strokes to the story of heroism, heroism, murder, fraud, revenge, greed, It is a blockbuster. Currently, he is acquiring rights to the movie in DreamWorks, and Dennis Luhain is participating in the film adaptation.

"Lewin wrote two books. One is an insightful analysis of the pursuit of identity and belonging ("Mystic River", the second is a thriller ("The Island of the Murderers") that keeps guessing, and then we tie those two together into one great book. Luigi Flynn (author of

" Find Me") "His work has always been a popular thriller, literary sensibility, and sophistication. . "- Entertainment Weekly

The second half of a series of explosions and reversals, followed by a woman's twisted life.

The reason why "We crashed" is divided into the first half, which completely erases mystery and genre traits, and the second half, which is full of key elements of Dennis Luhne's crime thriller. After Rachel 's monologue, which shot her husband as a gun, passes through the introductory part, the process of Rachel' s search for her identity, the overwhelmingly wounded girl, finds her identity unflinchingly on Loewen 's solid writing.

Rachel is a bestselling author, but because of her self-indulgent mother, she is called a personality breakup. She is deeply nostalgic about her birth mother in endless antagonism with her mother. When her mother died in a car accident when she was a college student, Rachel goes to her birthplace with her inheritance. What she knew about her father was the name James, the job she had in the past, and her departure from her childhood. However, Brian, the editorial researcher who has been commissioned, declines with advice that he should not waste money, saying that there is no chance of success. Desperate Rachel makes many efforts afterwards, but does not find her father.

After a few years, Rachel begins to use her talent as a journalist in the press. At the end of the sentence, she finally finds a man named James. Knowing that Rachel will come someday, James welcomes her warmly, but tells her that she is not Rachael's birthright. Rachel, who finds out that she was born because of her mother's absence, is in despair and causes panic attacks.

He is a correspondent for Haiti who has been struggling to make his way to major broadcasts after his father's dismissal of his father, but with the guilt that he has failed to protect the raped and slaughtered girls, Rachel is causing panic attacks during live broadcasts. With the video spreading through YouTube, Rachel loses everything in an instant, loses contact with the outside due to an extreme panic disorder and anxiety, and turns it into the house only. Then, on an accidental occasion, I meet again with a private investigator, Brian, and open his mind to his enthusiastic courts. And for two years after his marriage, Rachel overcomes the trauma little by little with the constant devotion and effort of her husband.

But from this point on, the story quickly switches to a criminal thriller. On a rainy day, Rachel overtook her husband, Brian, who had gone on a business trip abroad to overcome gangrene and panic disorder, and she caught up with her anxieties and suspicions about her husband, Brian, Search. And with the shocking truth revealed, and murder, violence, and deception, Rachel jumps to the middle of the whirlpool to get back to her husband's identity.

Only the charm of Luhein novel overwhelming the image

Dennis Luhain is well known for his crime novels, which have won successive prizes such as Adagio, Shamus, Anthony and Barry. He has been featured in the New York Times bestseller for every issue, and is one of Hollywood's most notable artists, especially because of his visual portrayal, well-organized composition, and character. Most of his works, selected by ten Hollywood power writers, have been bought or copyrighted by major film companies. In particular, Clint Eastwood's Mystic River and Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island" have been a big hit in the world, and Ben Affleck, who starred in "Garra, Aya, It was made to imprint. He also participated as a producer of "Boardwalk Empire" and "Mr. Mercedes" of Stephen King's original work. The appeal of Dennis Luhne's work is a personality-filled character, an astonishing attraction, a literary figure, and a solid linguistic lecturer, a sharp lecturer on social issues. In addition, the psychological portrayal of the inside of the character, the reversal of the embarrassment of the readers, and the subsequent bursting of events make it impossible for readers to open their eyes for a moment.

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