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The Sound of the Rapids
The Sound of the Rapids
The Sound of the Rapids
Item#: 9788954428361
Regular price: $28.30
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Product Description
Korean Title: Dan Hanbeoneui Yeonae
Author: Seok-Young Hwang
Publisher: Jaumgwa Moum
H/C | 496 pages | 188*128mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

A long novel by Hwang Suk Young. It is a piece that writes about the turbulent generation of the 19th century, and the thematic consciousness and material are so vast that they can be written in a saga.
The story of the novel starts with the reminiscence of the artist ¡®Park Yeon Ok¡¯. She is an illegitimate daughter of a nobleman from the country and a concubine wife. Yeon Ok has Korea¡¯s traditional womanly characteristics because she longs for and endures the feelings she has for Lee Shin Tong for a lifetime and does not resent him. However, she shows her strength when she goes out into the road to find him after he disappears.

The Lee Shin Tong that Yeon Ok looks for is the son of a concubine, who is also the daughter of concubine. He is a failed scholar who wanders the surroundings and becomes an electrician, storyteller, joker, entertainer financer, theater playwright, and later on an astronomer. He involves himself in the revolution and ends up recording the thoughts and whereabouts of his teacher. Through his whereabouts, the turbulent 19th century¡¯s Confucian thinking that was maintained through strict position maintenance was overturned, and the generation¡¯s flow that cannot be turned back was sketched through the paper that surprisingly declared ¡®Humans are the sky¡¯ (the novel a calls it ¡®Map of the Sky¡¯) to melt the pain and injury filled modern times in a large epic novel.

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