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The Story of Rabbit & The Story of Cock Pheasant [Kor + Eng]
The Story of Rabbit & The Story of Cock Pheasant [Kor + Eng]
The Story of Rabbit & The Story of Cock Pheasant [Kor + Eng]
Item#: 9788976250742
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Product Description
Author: The Korean classical Lituratur
Publisher: Baekam
168 pages | 188*257*20mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>These books have both original English text and its Korean translation either on the opposite pages or in the latter section. Some lighter editions might not have the full contents of the original works, these books certainly will help and entertain the readers who want to read and at the same time study languages.

About This Book

Part One: The Story of Rabbit
The Dragon King of the sea falls ill and all the kingdom’s doctors agree that the only cure is Rabbit’s liver. The King orders his officials to fetch him Rabbit’s liver. Sea Turtle swims to shore and offers Rabbit a tour of the sea. Rabbit excitedly agrees and climbs aboard Sea Turtle’s shell. During the journey, Rabbit realizes that he is about to be killed for his liver. He tells Sea Turtle that he left his liver on land and must go back in order to present it to the King. Will Rabbit be able to escape death or will Dragon King be cured after all?

Part Two: The Story of Rooster and Pheasant
One day, Rooster (husband) and Pheasant (wife) come across a large pile of beans as they are crossing the street with their nine sons and twelve daughters. Pheasant thinks it is suspicious that so many beans are strewn in such a random place but Rooster scolds Pheasant for being overly paranoid about their stroke of luck. Rooster disregards his wife’s warning and proceeds to eat the beans. Rooster eventually dies after eating the poisonous beans set up by nearby hunters. Pheasant blames herself for marrying such an unlucky husband. This is probably one of the first works of literature highlighting feminism in Korea.

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