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The Stories of the Romans (Complete 15-Volume Hardcover Set)
The Stories of the Romans (Complete 15-Volume Hardcover Set)
The Stories of the Romans (Complete 15-Volume Hardcover Set)
Item#: 8935657360
Regular price: $471.69
Sale price: $400.94

Product Description
Korean Title: Roma-in Iyagi
Author: Shiono Nanami
Translator: Seok-hee Kim
Publisher: Hangilsa
Hardcover | 15-volume set | 223*152mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.
>>>This is a multi-unit set and the shipping cost will be adjusted to that of 15 books. To learn more about the shipping cost,
please visit our Info Page and read Shipping Information.
>>>This item is sold only in complete set.
This set consists of the following 15 books.
1. Rome was not Built in One Day (1992)
2. The Hannibal War (1993)
3. The Turmoil of the Victor (1994)
4. Julius Caesar, Before Crossing the Rubicon (1995)
5. Julius Caesar, After Crossing the Rubicon (1996)
6. Pax Romana (1997)
7. Mal-famed Emperors (1998)
8. The Crisis and the Vanquishment (1999)
9. The Century of Good Emperors (2000)
10. All Roads Lead to Rome (2001)
11. The Start of the Catastrophe (2002)
12. The Empire in Chaos (2003)
13. The Last Endeavour (2004)
14. The Victory of Christ (2005)
15. The End of the Roman World (2006)

About This Book

Shiono Nanami, Japanese author and novelist famous for her works on history of Italy, mainly concentrated on ancient Rome and Renaissance-age Italy. There are huge reputation on her in Japan and South Korea for her magnum opus, Roma-jin no Monogatari and other works.

Roma-jin no Monogatari (Res Gestae Populi Romani: The Stories of the Romans) (1993-2006)

Although her first work won her recognition in Japan, it was not until the publication of Umi no Miyako no Monogatari that she became a national sensation. Umi no Miyako no Monogatari became a literary phenomenon in Japan in the 1980s, and some people compared Venice to Japan and sought vision of Japan's future in her book. Her books were first published in Korea in 1995, and Roma-jin no Monogatari quickly became a bestseller there (Roma-in Iyagi in Korean), and her reputation grew tremendously in the country.

She was awarded the literary prize given by the Mainichi Publishing House for her work Runesansu no Onna-tachi. In 1982, Umi no Miyako no Monogatari, her work on Venice, won her the Suntory Literary Prize. She won the Kikuchi Kan Prize the following year. For Roma-jin no Monogatari, she was awarded the Shincho Literary Prize. The Italian government conferred upon her the Grande Ufficiale Order of Merit in 2002 for introducing Italian history and culture to Japan. She received other prizes including the Shiba Ryotaro Prize in 1999.

Shiono's reputation in Japan is dichotomic. Many think that her works are engaging while others consider them one-sided, over-simplified and sensational interpretation of moments in history that are in fact multi-faceted and complicated. Professional historians tend to criticize her works for their lack of references and objectivity.

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