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Success and Frustration
Success and Frustration
Success and Frustration
Item#: 8956250960
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Product Description
Korean Title: Seonggonggwa Jwajeol
Author: Roh Moo-hyun
Publisher: Hakgojae
Hard Cover | 284 pages | 223*152mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

The late former President Roh Moo-hyun's unfinished memoirs, "Success and Frustration," published Monday, sheds new light on the financial predicament he was in. In the 384-page book, Roh defines himself as a "failed president" and describes the agonizing he went through, saying, "My memories are dominated by failures and frustrations rather than successes and glories."

The late president took his own life in May while he was under investigation for a bribery scandal allegedly involving him, his family and aides. Roh laments the financial difficulties he had to face after leaving office in Feburary 2008, saying that writing the memoirs was a "struggle to survive." "If this book does not succeed, I will not only have to cut off friendships with people, but will not even be able to play cards with them," Roh said. "Who would visit me if I do not write this book?" He said that, as a youth, the main goal of his life was to make ends meet, and he was still striving for it.

Roh also hinted that taking money was unavoidable in his political life. "I never mentioned the phrase 'clean politics' after serving my first term as a lawmaker," he said. "Even when I declared clean politics after my term ended, I was thinking that money cannot be separable from politics. I always believed it was just a matter of degrees."

With regard to the dispatch of soldiers to Iraq, Roh said, "I knew back then and still believe that it will remain as a bad decision in history. However, it was an unavoidable and inevitable choice to make."

With regard to the second inter-Korean summit in October 2007, Roh describes North Korean leader Kim Jong-il as "perhaps one of the most flexible North Koreans that I've met.

"Kim gave me the impression he is the one that I can communicate with because he seemed quite open-minded in practical matters and capable of flexibly making decisions."

The book is mainly composed of three parts the incomplete manuscript of reminiscences, his writings posted on a private blog and a collection of closed-door interviews.

--Korea Times

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