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Survival Korean Basic Grammar Skills (w/ CDs)
Survival Korean Basic Grammar Skills (w/ CDs)
Survival Korean Basic Grammar Skills (w/ CDs)
Item#: 9791157523474
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Sale price: $33.97

Product Description
Author: Stephen Revere, Je-hee Jin
Publisher: Nexus
252 pages  | 235*170mm
Book + 1 CDs

About This Book

Since its release in January 2005, "Survival Korean "has become one of the best-selling textbooks for learners of the Korean language. "Survival Korean: Basic Grammar Skills" is designed to follow up and build on the success of the original. While "Survival Korean" gives you the most common and necessary Korean phrases in context, "Survival Korean: Basic Grammar Skills" helps you to build and strengthen your language production skills. While the focus of the original book was receptive skills, the focus of this book is production. Used in conjunction with the original "Survival Korean ", or all by itself, "Survival Korean: Basic Grammar Skills " will provide you with all the tools necessary for producing sentences more creatively and more fluently than you ever thought possible.

This book is for:
- Beginning students of the Korean Grammar
- Students who would like to speak more fluently
- Koreans who would like to know how to explain the Korean language and Korean customs in English

Praise for the original Survival KOREAN:
"Survival Korean" teaches practical and commonly used language that is directly relevant to what most newcomers to Korea need to know: how to shop, order food, ask directions, direct taxi drivers and have everyday conversations with new Korean friends."Survival Korean" is an invaluable guide to the Korean Language. --The Joongang Daily

I'm a Korean instructor in Los Angeles, and I happened to buy "Survival Korean" when I was in Seoul last year. I found "Survival Korean" more interesting and more practical than the other Korean language books out there. --Emily Kim

I'm sure you've already received many thanks for the book but I wanted to throw mine in as well. THANKS! In the beginning of the book you said something that I had been saying just the day before to my wife. You mentioned how many books and classes focus on phrases that are not really practical, or that are not used much in daily spoken Korean. I took some classes from an academy recently. The phrases we were learning from the books were just not practical. Thanks again for the book! --Steve Curry

Format of the Book
There is not necessarily a specific order in which you should do this book. For the most part the book doesn't get more difficult as it goes along - it is the same level of vocabulary and grammar usage from beginning to end. And we didnt want difficult vocabulary to get in the way of understanding the grammar. That is why there is an Essential Vocabulary list at the very beginning of this book. These are the most common and necessary words in the Korean language.
Each chapter starts out with a visualization of the specific vocabulary in the format that it is used. Then there is a very basic explanation of the conjugation or the usage of the grammar point. That is followed up by a plain-English explanation of the grammar and a few basic examples with pictures and translation.
The second section is Extension. It is filled with numerous examples of the different ways each specific grammar point can be used. They are not translated for you, but instead you are given a sentence to help you figure out the meaning of the sentence on your own if you don't know all the vocabulary in the sentence already.
Survival Korean: Basic Grammar Skills not only teaches the Korean Grammar, but also helps newcomers understand Korean culture and behavior in the Going Native & Footnote. These provide practical tips, interesting facts and cultural hints that introduce the non-Korean to the very different to comprehend.
Then comes the Skills Building. This section starts out with a listening exercise to practice your receptive skills first. Then its your turn. Diverse practice exercises are given to make sure that you can produce the grammar yourself. By the time you have completed each chapter, you will have seen or produced copious examples for each grammar point.
This book includes two CDs clearly read by professional voice actors. These contain readings of all of the example sentences, Extension, Going native and listening exercise of the Skills building. These help students develop language producing skills and make listening easier.

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