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Summer of Ubume
Summer of Ubume
Summer of Ubume
Item#: 8990028256
Regular price: $28.30
Sale price: $24.06

Product Description
Korean Title: "Ubume"-eui Yeo-reum (aka: Ubume no Natsu)
Author: Natsuhiko Kyoguku
Translator: So-yeon Kim
Publisher: Son-an-eui-chaek
Hardcover | 633 pages | 176*124mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean only.

About This Book

Director Jissouji Akio, the filmmaker behind Tokyo: The Last Megapolis and several Ultraman films and TV shows, brings author Natsuhiko Kyoguku's popular novel to the big screen in the excellent 2005 cinematic adaptation, Ubume No Natsu, a fright-filled mystery set in 1950s Showa era Japan.
This exciting thriller centers on three brave friends from different walks of life who find themselves caught up in a nearly unsolvable investigation. First off, there's the nerdy, bespectacled, but indispensable Sekiguchi played by Nagase Masatoshi from Pistol Opera, Mike Yokohama: A Forest With No Name, and Suicide Circle. Then there's his friend Enozuki, a private eye with latent psychic abilities, portrayed by actor Hiroshi Abe, who has appeared in such films as Survive Style 5+ and Hana and Alice. Rounding out this odd trio of protagonists is a bookstore owner/occultist/exorcist by the name of Kyogokudo played by Shinichi Tsutsumi from Lorelei and One Missed Call.

The three heroes unite for an investigation that revolves around the ultra bizarre case of a woman who has been pregnant for twenty months, her totally AWOL husband, and quite possibly, a long-running family curse. Is this the case of the supernatural that these investigators are dealing with or is it something more realistic, yet somehow far worse? Wherever the truth lies, it seems that it might just take all three of these guys to unravel this puzzling mystery. But can they do it? The answers will be revealed in Ubume No Natsu, a compelling mystery that features a climactic surprise that begs to be seen!

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