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Sword Martial Arts for Everyone
Sword Martial Arts for Everyone
Sword Martial Arts for Everyone
Item#: 9791186345481
Regular price: $56.60
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Product Description
Title: Sword Martial Arts for Everyone
Korean Title: 모두를 위한 검무예
Author: Jung Bok Soo
Publisher: Haesung publishing house
ISBN: 9791186345481
192page /196 * 210 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Since ancient times, our people have regarded the sword as sacred as it has been said to repel sword grabs and prevent bad luck.
In classifying swords, one-edged swords were called Dao and double-edged swords were called swords.
All tools with blades were collectively called swords and called swords. Sword Martial Arts The martial arts that train all bladed weapons are called sword martial arts.

Sword martial arts composition is divided into swordsmanship (type), swordsmanship (engagement), threebeop (slashing), and sword dance (dance).
As a martial art that trains mind and spirit along with the technique of The course was published as a book.

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