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Talking about Korea in English
Talking about Korea in English
Talking about Korea in English
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Product Description
by Yunjong Kim & Hwasop Cho
written both in Korean and in English
size: 223*152mm/ 286 pages
publisher: Hongik Media Plus, June 2002.

About this book
Based on the experiences in encountering thousands of people from other countries, the authors talk about such topics as eating dog meat,"bomb drinking," "public ondol house," etc. which are frequently asked about by many visitors to Korea.

Table of contents
To the Readers

Yes, we eat dog meat
Smiling pig
The first birthday & gold rings
Bangwe/The civil service man
Here a Kim, there a Kim
Hitler & the fortune teller
Mr. Kim and Mrs. Park are husband and wife
I dream of my own house
Public sauna & Italy towel
Life begins at 60
What is your animal band?
Bar factory
Standing coffin?
Congratulation money
Master of ceremony at the wedding
TGV is coming, why not 'Jikjishimgyeong'?
Dongdaemun Sijang(Market)
Korean orchids
The lost East Sea
Discarded children
Korean age
Haetae & Smokey
Who beat the baby?
Eum & Yang (Yin & Yang)
The land of Dangun; The Korean foundation myth
Future language
The roots look like the human body
Korean American
Tin cars
The sound of a New Year
Poyak(Restorative medicine)
Deer rush
A snake-buster at Kimpo airport
Bomb drinking
Hangover soup
Flowersnake & swallow
Tattoo & gangsters
I have a double eyelid
Your south gate is open
Do not kiss on the street
Touch culture
Time machine
What's your No. 18 song?
Billiards & pocket ball (pool)
You have no choice
Would you like a cup of coffee?
Public Ondol house
Blue bus lane/Only-bus-lane
Restricted parking number
Pay-as-you-throw system
Five-and-a-half day week
Who manages all the money?
Examinee disease
Chulsu is busy right now
Private study room
I failed my exam again
Rice field
Diesel & gasoline
This is my turn
I need your personal seal

Appendix: The Story of Buddhism
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