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The Taebaek Mountains (10-Volume Set)
The Taebaek Mountains (10-Volume Set)
The Taebaek Mountains (10-Volume Set)
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Product Description
Korean Title: Taebaek Sanmaek
Author: Chongnae Cho
Publisher: Haenaem
10-vol. set |  210*148mm

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>>>This book is written in Korean.
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About This Book

In October 1948, Beolgyo, the area once commanded by leftists due to Yeosun communistsí» riot, was recovered by soldiers and policemen again, Yeom Sang-jin, the commander of leftists partisan, fell back to the mountain inside with his follower Ha Dae-chi, An Chang-min, and others. Jeong Ha-seop, who infiltrated into Beolgyo with secret command by North Communist Party as a secret agent, approached to Sohwa, the daughter of female shaman and the two fell in love.

Meanwhile, Young Men's Association, in which Yeomg Sang-gu, brother of Yeom Sang-jin is the supervisor, stands at the front to fight against the left force and the rightist Sang-gu committed brutal acts including raping the wife or Kang Dong-sik who was a partisan.

Kim Beom-u, one of the best families in Beolgyo, appeal to Choe Ik-seung, the representative of the settlement committee established by the right wing, to reduce the unnecessary sacrifice but Kim was treated to the left on the contrary.

Farmersí» complaint against suspension of land reform by the Government, Kang Dong-gi, a tenant, stroke his land owner by a shovel and then became partisan in the mountain. Meanwhile, Seo Min-yeong, a land owner, shared all of his rice fields with tenants and appealed to Sim Jae-mo, Beolgyo district commander in Korean Army, to deal with every accident fairly.

By the Korean War broken out in June, 1950, Beolgyo was commanded by Yeom Sang-jin and the people again and leftists welcomed Communistsí» control to the area but the wretched state of killing suffered again. In the course, Kim Beom-u and Son Seung-ho, not belong to leftist or rightist, took their way to partisan and Kim was arrested by the U.S. Army and served for translator and looked at immoral behaviors by American soldiers.

Korean War stood off by U.N. consolidation military forcesí» entry into the war and China's participation and the fighting line is deadlock near the 38th Parallel. North Korean Army and partisan, blocked to withdraw from the fighting line, took their base in Mt. Jirisan zone to continue to fight, but they were overwhelmed by South Korea military forces and policemen and then Yeom Sang-jin killed himself by throwing a hand grenade at his people. His throat cut and hanged in downtown. So called People Liberation wished by Yeom failed but his follower Ha Dae-chi and other partisan were still alive and disappeared in the dark swearing another fight at the front of Yeom's grave.

About The Author

Jo Jeong Rae, the writer of Taebaeksanmaek, has done remarkable creation activities since his being made debut the literary world by the recommendation of "Contemporary Literature" in 1970. Taebaeksanmaek is being read by many people as well as Arirang since their publication in 1980s. Hangang, published in 2002, was a completion of 3 serial works for contemporary Korean history and the record was the publication of 10 million books established for the first in Korean publication history.
His novel was translated and published in France, German, and Japan, and the movie and drama were produced also. Jo's career is stated below:
 - Born at Seungju-gun, Jellanamdo in 1943
 - Graduated from Seo Middle School at Gwangju, Boseong High School at Seoul, and the Korean Literature School, Dongguk University
 - Made debut by recommendation of Contemporary Literature in 1970
 - Short story: A certain Legend, Land falling rains in 20 years, Regret, the position of the shade
 - Midium-length story: The Land of Exile
 - Long--length story: Buddhist Sutras
 - River Novel: Taebaeksanmaek, Arirang, Hangang river
 - Awarded for Contemporary Literature Prize, Korea Literature Prize, Seongok Cultrual
Prize, Dongguk Literature Prize, Novel Literature Prize, Danjae Literature Prize, and Lu Shen Literature Prize.
Currently, he is served for Chair Professor of the Korean Language and Literature School, Dongguk University.

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