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Telling Tales
Telling TalesTelling Tales
Telling Tales
Item#: 8937481405
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Product Description
Korean Title: Nae Insaeng Dan Hanappunin Iyagi
Author: Nadine Gordimer (Editor)
Translator: So-young Lee
Publisher: Minumsa
408 pages | 210*140mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Nadine Gordimer has brought together here 21 writers including herself (Susan Sontag, John Updike, Gunter Grass, Kenzaburo Oe, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, et al.) who "tell tales" without fee or royalty to help in the world fight against HIV/AIDS. As you would expect, most of these stories are terribly serious; they are about the awfulness of war, loss, sorrow and at least half of them are about death. These are not stories, however, about dying with AIDS; neither are they always about the death of people. (In fact, only one writer Margaret Atwood mentions the disease in an aside.) Jose Saramago's story is about the death of a centaur; the bulldog in Arthur Miller's tale probably dies from an overdose of chocolate, for example. About the only comic relief comes-- as we would expect-- from a very funny, brief story by Woody Allen called "The Rejecton" and is about a family's dilemma when their three-year old is rejected from a tony nursery school in Manhattan. The writers are from many countries and nationalities. Some of my favorite writers and stories are here: Gabriel Garcia Marquez ("Death Constant Beyond Love") who can create as much magic in ten pages as he does in novels hundreds of pages long; and Amos Oz's tale of a young Israeli whose parachute drifts into a power line ("The Way of The Wind"). Susan Sontag (The Letter Scene) makes profound observations about letter-writing while Christa Wolf in "Associations in Blue" shatters some of the positive notions most of us have about the color blue. For instance, she tells us that "the care packages that the Americans dropped in Afghanistan were blue and no longer yellow, so people could tell them apart from the yellow cluster bombs that they [the U. S.] were dropping at the same time.

Ms. Gordimer reminds the reader that five of these writers, herself included, won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Additionally, I noticed a couple of Booker Prize winners as well. I do not know how Ms. Gordimer selected the writers she included. I would have expected, however, to see selections by Toni Morrison-- Ms. Morrison because she is black, a woman, a Nobel Prize winner herself and, most importantly, as good a living writer as there is; and Mr. White because he is gay, HIV positive, the winner of literary prizes as well, and has been writing stories about AIDS for nearly twenty years now. --H. F. Corbin (

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