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That's possible
That's possible
That's possible
Item#: 9788901273563
Regular price: $31.70
Sale price: $26.94

Product Description
That's possible
Korean Title: 그럴 수 있어 양희은 에세이
Author: Yang Hee Eun
Publisher: wjbooks
ISBN: 9788901273563
Hardcover / 244 page /130 * 205 mm / 342 g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Yang Hee-eun, who gave a big resonance with "So So So", returned after two years with a deeper story. Yang Hee-eun's writing is special. You don't comfort someone carelessly, and you don't say you love someone prematurely. However, as if she were completely soaked in the drizzle, her calm contemplation finds sadness in us and dampens it, making us reflect on certain times in our lives. In this book, it goes beyond aging and takes a step closer to parting.

She writes her own separation preparation note, receives a farewell call from her closest friend, and writes a relaxing story on a day when the sky was clear and Kaesong Songaksan Mountain was seen at the Unification Observatory. Whenever I go through a breakup, the center of my heart is blocked, so I walk endlessly on the banks of the Han River, and just as spring pushes winter away, the sheer patience of waiting for sadness to pass deeply penetrates the mind..

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