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Things Beautiful in This World
Things Beautiful in This World
Things Beautiful in This World
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Product Description
Korean Title: Sesangeh Yeppeun Geot
Author: Park Wan-seo
Publisher: Maum Sanchaek
Hardcover | 288 pages | 188*128mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Master novelist's writings published posthumously

A delightful discovery by her daughter ¡ª a stack of writing by the late author Park Wan-suh that was not published ¡ª has materialized into an emotive book, ¡°Things Beautiful in This World.¡±

The late author¡¯s first daughter found the essays which were written after 2000. Among them, 38 were gathered for this book. The renowned novelist whose numerous works include ¡°The Naked Tree,¡± ¡°That Year the Winter was Warm,¡± ¡°Are you Still Dreaming?¡± passed away in 2011 from cancer.

Park¡¯s words have always been powerful. In one essay titled ¡°My Experience, My Literature,¡± she writes how ¡°a good sentence resuscitates the downtrodden senses¡± and that¡¯s one of the reasons that she spent days to write one right word.

This was the compilation of a question and answer session that the author held in 2009 to mark the first anniversary of the death of another renowned author Park Kyung-ni (¡°Land.¡±) In an essay titled ¡°A Cute Grandmother,¡± the author wrote about a 70-something friend who overcame disappointment in her daughter-in-law by reading the first ¡°Harry Potter¡± book in a week with the help of an English-Korean dictionary.

She writes about her ¡°fights¡± with the stray cats in her neighborhood of Guri, east of Seoul. On a personal note, this reporter remembers visiting her Guri home in late 1990s for interviews with women authors in Korea. She readily opened the doors to her house, hesitating just a bit when this reporter attempted to get a better glimpse of her room with its Korean mattress and Korean table.

The interview with her was sense-awakening, as she spoke clearly and forcefully. Behind the clarity and strength was warmth that was based on a realistic understanding of the dark as well as the sunny side of human nature.

Born in 1931 in Gaepung, Gyeonggi Province that was later integrated into North Korea after the Korean War (1950-1953), she mentioned in numerous writings that her life before, during and after the war was one of the darkest moments where she witnessed how people¡¯s lives hung in balance between communism and the free south even in the span of a day.

She also suffered an enormous tragedy of losing both her husband and her only son in 1988. In one of her essays titled ¡°Time Must Be God,¡± she shares how with the passage of time nothing, even the biggest tragedies, remains forever irreparable.

As most of the pieces were done after 2000, the author tackles the issues of aging and death. In an eponymous essay, Park recalls how her once robust painter friend suffered in her last days from cancer and saw her smile brightly for the first time just six days before her death at the bare foot of her grandson peeking out from a blanket. ¡°If an old tree at the last of its days can see a chubby new life near its root, how happy that old tree would be even as it falls.¡±

--Ji-soo Kim

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