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Truman Capote: The Complete Stories
Truman Capote: The Complete Stories
Truman Capote: The Complete Stories
Item#: 8952754182
Regular price: $26.42
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Product Description
Korean Title: Chagaun Byeok
Author: Truman Capote
Translator: Hyeon-ju Park
Publisher: Sigongsa
Hardcover | 504 pages | 210*143mm 

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

The common perception of Capote (who died in 1984) is that he had a brilliant early beginning to a career that eventually fizzled out in drug use and soured celebrity. His "new nonfiction" book, In Cold Blood (1966), the true story of a Kansas murder told with great fictional technique and elan, is generally regarded as his finest achievement. But now, for the first time, all of Capote's short stories are being published together, an event that signifies a renewed appreciation of his overall contribution to literature, for evidence is presented in this one volume that he should be ranked as a major American short story writer. By instinct, he produced the amalgam of fact and fiction that became In Cold Blood; similarly but contrarily, by instinct he wrote short stories always intent on maintaining the form's integrity as distinct from the novel. Most of Capote's short story work was concentrated in the early years of his career, the 1940s, but his capacity for writing deeply thought-out, deeply felt stories continued into the 1980s, from the first story in the collection, "The Walls Are Cold," a short, entertaining piece about a young, flirtatious socialite, to the last story, "One Christmas," set in the Alabama and New Orleans of his boyhood, a story conjured from the heart--but free of overripe sentiment--about learning the differences in how people love. Both a broadening of theme and deepening in treatment are observable when the stories in the collection are read in order; all of them are linked by a shimmering, but never showy, eloquence and sensitive observation of the personal environments his characters inhabit, both psychological and physical. --Brad Hooper

- The Walls are Clold
- A Mink of one's own
- The Shape of Things
- Jug of Silver
- Miriam
- My Side of the Matter
- Preacher's Legend
- A Tree of Night
- The Headless Hawk
- Shut a Final Door
- Children of Their Birthdays
- Master Misery
- The Bargain
- A Diamond Guitar
- House of Flowers
- A Christmas Memory
- Among the Paths to Eden
- The Thanksgiving Visitor
- Mojave
- One Christmas

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