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Bean Curd (aka: Tofu)

by Wanseo Park
Korean Title: Dubu

size: 223*152mm; 234 pages. publisher: Changjakkwa Pipyongsa, 2002.

About this book

The latest book by Wanso Park includes her 23 essays since 1995. In Korea, when someone is released from prison, the person is fed with a tubu (tofu). The author says about this custom, "A life behind the bars is said to be "eating boiled beans." A tofu has been released from beans but can never return to beans. Thus a feeding a tofu might mean a wish that the person would never go back to prison." She continues, recolleting the past, "when countless youngsters were imprisoned and they were proud of it, the era was not sound at all..."

She talks about life's miscellaneous things prudently and sharply.

From the Publisher
The authorí»s wisdom and experience shine through this collection of elegant essays. By serenely and lucidly describing the beauty and seasonal changes of the scenery around her country home, she movingly recounts her realization that the essence of life lies in following the rhythm of nature. She also muses on a host of other topics including the meaning of family today and the imagined return to her home village in North Korea, the spring of her creative energy.

This book is written in Korean only.

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