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Undivided Faith (온전한 믿음)
Undivided Faith (온전한 믿음)
Undivided Faith (온전한 믿음)
Item#: 9791196119539
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Product Description
Author: David
Publisher: Obey Books
296 pages 152 * 227 * 17 mm /432g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

We live in a deceptive world. God has commanded us to be holy. This book expounds on the meaning of holiness and why we should be holy. God has a dream, a dream that all nations worship before God, we resemble the image of God, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives appears as a testimony of faith. Pastor David addresses our prayer life and asks us: do you feel the joy of discovering, realizing, and living with the Word of God? Do you kneel before God with all your heart and pray for his kingdom and righteousness with faith?

This book clearly explains the basic theology based on the Bible. Pastor David is a graduate of Tyndale Seminary in Canada and is currently a pastor of Southern Baptist Church. On YouTube, he teaches biblical theology and spiritual analysis of the Word. When he teaches, he draws the Scripture, giving detailed explanations, leading to spiritual awakening and repentance to Christians who listen to the Word.

It also encourages the growth of one's personal faith to lead others to be saved. He emphasizes on having faith in the resurrection is as crucial as believing His sacrifice on the Cross. This book specifically answers questions about whether our lives are worthy of salvation, whether we are transformed to resemble God's character, and whether we are experiencing the power of the gospel. After reading this book, readers believe that they will desperately need to kneel before God to be freed from sin, to repent, to pray, and utmost, read the Bible.

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