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Useful Chinese Characters for Learners of Korean
Useful Chinese Characters for Learners of Korean
Useful Chinese Characters for Learners of Korean
Item#: 9788959957644
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Product Description
Author: Language Education Institute Seoul National University
Publisher: Darakwon
184 pages

About This Book

- Learning Korean is easier when you know Chinese characters!
- Learn frequently used Chinese characters in Korean!
- Enhance your vocabulary by using words written in Chinese characters!
- This book will make it easy to read and write Chinese characters!

Why this book?

This book is intended for foreign students learning Korean. It was developed by the Korean Language Education Center in the Language Research Institute of Seoul National University reflecting the needs of the learners of Chinese characters. For teachers, the book shows how to teach the Chinese characters that learners often find difficult. It is composed of the most frequently used Chinese characters. The beginner level is focused on learning characters and the intermediate level on word formation. The systematic structure of the book will help learners grasp Chinese characters easily.

Useful Chinese Characters for Learners of Korean
- The Chinese characters in the textbook were chosen to expand the Korean vocabulary.
- You can expand the Korean vocabulary by learning frequently used Chinese characters in Korean and the characters often used to make compound words.
- This book has a systematic structure: the beginner level is to learn single characters and the intermediate level is to learn words written in Chinese characters.
- You can practice the characters learned in <Todayís Characters> in context, and also see how a character is really used in a word.
- Through the various exercises in <Letís Practice>, you can practice and write the Chinese characters that acquired in each chapter.

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