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Item#: 9788901068695
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Product Description
Title: Title: (Usd)Stardust
Korean Title: 스타더스트
Author: Neil Gaiman
Publisher: Novelmane
ISBN: 9788901068695
319 page /145 * 210 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

A 1999 work by Neil Jumin, a British fantasy writer who has won numerous literary awards including the Hugo Award, Nebula Award, and Bram Stoker Award. In a fantasy world where time and direction are intertwined, it is a 'beautiful' fantasy depicting an adventure story that expands to confirm the reduction star. In August 2007, it was in the position of a movie of the same name (directed by Matthew Vaughn) that was screened in Korea.
Tristran Thorne offers to draw as many stars as possible vertically in the night sky to wrap the kiss of Victoria, the most beautiful woman in England. But in order to do that, you must have the strange purpose of long-term wall stability.
Separation is a taboo land that humans cannot overcome, Stormhold. Not only is the star of Fluffy Minnie Breaker, Tristran, who jumped into an adventure for the sake of winning love, but also a witch who wants to give birth to youth and beauty forever, land and adventure.
Neil Saramman is a writer who has the talent to grip the reader with thrill and suspense. As the possibility of scheming and strife between the brothers fighting for ownership of Stormhold increases, the string of the story is pulled tight, confirming that an unexpected twist should appear.

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