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Whither Path for the Two Koreas in the 21st Century
Whither Path for the Two Koreas in the 21st Century
Whither Path for the Two Koreas in the 21st Century
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Product Description
by Hak-joon Kim

size: A5, 336pages. publisher: Jimoondang, 2000.

About this book

This book consists of four parts. Part I examines the domestic politics of North Korea under Kim Chong-il. Part II deals with the North Korean nuclear crisis and diplomacy. Part III is concerned with South Korea's relations with China and Russia and their implications upon the Korean peninsula. Part IV analyzes the inter-Korean relations and attempts to foresee the future of the two Koreas in the 21st century. Throughout this book, the author advocates reunification of the two Koreas through peaceful methods in the early 21st century.

About the author

Kim, Hak-joon received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Pittsburgh in 1972. He was a professor of political science at Seoul National University, chairperson at the board of trustees, Dankook University and president of the Korean Council of Area Studies. At present, he is president of the University of Inchon. His Han'guk Chongch'i Ron ("On Korean Polictics," Seoul: Han-gil-sa, 1983) won the Best Book Prize of 1983 awarded by the Korean Political Science Association. His other major books include Unification Policies of South and North Korea, 2nd rev. ed. (Seoul: Seoul National University Press, 1992) and Korea's Relations with Her Neighbors in a Changing World (Elizabeth, N.J.: Hollym International Corporation, 1993).

Table of contents
I. North Korea's Domestic Situation
- North Korea after Kim Il-song and the Future of North-South Korean Relations
- North Korea Falling Apart?
- The North Korean Domestic Situation and the Prospects for Kim Chong-il's New Approaches
- On the Nature of the North Korean State

II The North Korean Nuclear Crisis and Diplomacy
- Confonting the North Korean Nuclear Issue: South Korea and the United State
- North Korea's Nuclear Development Program and the Future
- North Korea Relations after the Nuclear Accord
- Russian Foreign Minstry Documents on the Origins of the Korean War

III. The Two Koreas, China, Russia and the Asia-Pacific Region
- The Establishment of South Korean-Chinese Diplomatic Relations: A South Korean Perspective
- The Process Leading to the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between South Korea and the Soviet Union
- The Emergence of Siberia and the Russian Far East as a "New Frontier" for Koreans
- Current International Trends in the Asia-Pacific Region

IV. Korea's Future in the 21st Century
- Political Leadership for the 21st Century South Korea
- National Agenda for the New North and South Korea
- The Unification Course of the Korea Peninsula
- A Reunified Korea: Strategies for Its Creation and the Future

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