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What once precious things
 What once precious things
What once precious things
Item#: 9791158160807
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Product Description
Title: What Once Precious Things
Author: Ki Joo Lee
Publisher: Dal
244 page 134 * 200 * 17mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Lee Ki-joo, who had been hot in the bookstore of Korea through the temperature of language, returned to the new two-year prose book. talk about things that are not around now, but that do not disappear from the heart of everyone.

Without knowing ourselves, there are countless stories in our lives. The author of this book collects the everyday aspects of everyday life in the scenes of life that seemed to be lifeless. It takes a steady "interest" and a little "insight" to get to know the special moments of life that are not gorgeous but bright and glittering. These two abilities he exercises lead to sentences and sentences and reach to the hearts of readers. The typographical story is heavily touched and reverberated, and then back into our lives.

The book also includes a precious essay of the self-master's own self, a confessional confession of the once precious people. The conversation with the person who stayed away from the past, the cry of the mother who came from the room, the text message of someone on the mobile phone, the air and the mood of one day that suddenly emerges, moments that eventually result in 'longing' ... ... .

The artist's courageous inner voice resonates calmly and faces our wounds with similar experience. The things that hurts us now lead to the awareness that they were the ones that made us happy that much. No one is hurt. There is no other way than to just put on your nipples and keep on spending your heart and soul. The biggest reason that we can hold on to the unhurt scars and continue our lives is because the memory of happiness is due to the strength.

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