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My First Pregnancy & Delivery (Korean) Paperback
My First Pregnancy & Delivery (Korean) Paperback
My First Pregnancy & Delivery (Korean) Paperback
Item#: 9791156160892
Regular price: $32.07
Sale price: $27.25

Product Description
by Keon-Oh Kim
size: 230*190mm; 352 pages,
publisher: Leescom

This book is written in Korean only.

Pregnancy childbirth textbook for pregnant women.

Having a healthy, happy pregnancy gave birth to children who wish to all pregnant women for childbirth Guidebook 『 smart healthy first pregnancy childbirth 』. This book has been the author of OB/GYN care and broadcasting on the Internet consultation, it was part of the scene, such as starring, including pregnant women, and the most curious to know all the stories. In case the symptoms appear, making the planning pregnancy, nutrition management and exercise tips, pain relief, such as pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium course planning from puerperium and breast-feeding up to detail the process of pregnancy and birth. In addition to his wife better during pregnancy, childbirth and pain, such as things you can do with a husband of his wife's health and her husband to do things to the net acid. The right to the Internet with the wrong knowledge is an important part of the right has often resorted to highlight a few times, and the part that does not require the exclusion of pregnant women take heart that they are pregnant and not be afraid of giving birth.

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