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Why do you think your life shouldn't be hard?
Why do you think your life shouldn't be hard?
Why do you think your life shouldn't be hard?
Item#: 9791192625553
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Product Description
Title:Why do you think your life shouldn't be hard?
Korean Title: 당신의 인생이 왜 힘들지 않아야 한다고 생각하십니까
Author: Schopenhauer
Publisher: Forest Books
ISBN: 9791192625553
264 page /130*188

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>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Schopenhauer is an iconic figure in 19th-century Western philosophy who had a great influence on the philosophy of Nietzsche, the literature of Hesse and Kafka, and the psychology of Freud and Jung. He said, “Life is meaningless. Therefore, it is best not to be born, and if you are born, the next best thing is to die as quickly as possible.” He was often known as a pessimist, but he lived more fiercely than any other philosopher or writer.
Although 150 years have passed since Schopenhauer passed away, why do we still remember Schopenhauer to this day and try to find answers to his life in the writings he left behind? This is because Schopenhauer used life itself as a text and sublimated the pain of life into philosophy. This is because he presented ‘pessimism about pessimism’, which states that life is pain, that pain comes from obsession, and that by abandoning obsession we can achieve the extinction of pain. So his philosophy has great implications for modern people who want to be happy but end up unhappy.
Schopenhauer wrote eleven books in his lifetime, eight of which were published during his lifetime. He exchanged letters with numerous people, including Goethe, and he wrote a diary of over 10,000 pages almost without missing a day. 『Why do you think your life shouldn't be difficult』 is a book that compiles Schopenhauer's insight into life and sharp life advice from his books, letters, and diaries. Both those who know Schopenhauer and those who did not will be able to feel the desire and fighting spirit hidden in the old philosopher's harsh words the moment they read this book.

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