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When you pass your world
When you pass your world
When you pass your world
Item#: 9788956600031
Regular price: $28.30
Sale price: $24.06

Product Description
Author: Zhangzai
Translator: Se-kyung Jung
Publisher: Gingko
488 pages | 136 * 200 * 34 mm /829g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

1.5 million Retweets, 400 million views, 10 story movies
Best selling 7 million copies for 4 consecutive years Wong Kar-wai's production, starring Lee Kyu-won and Kim Sung-moo Original novel

7 million readers of the continent melted the minds of the hearts of a short story "When you pass the world" was published by Gingko Publisher. "If there is a novel to be read before ironing, it is the" small age "of Guo Jingming, and if there is a novel to read after ironing, there is a saying of Zhang Jiajai's" , Is a million-seller that has become a hot topic in Chinese publishing. This short story collection is a series of stories written by a writer on the Chinese Weibo Blog, "Before I go to bed." I received enthusiastic support from young readers by portraying the stories of young men and women of this age with sweet emotions. In addition to reporting 150 million rewits, it has sold 2 million copies in six months after its first publication in 2013 and nine revised edition titles in 2014, totaling 700 copies I have exceeded ten thousand. In 2014, it was selected as "The Best Book in China." It became the best selling book for the fourth consecutive year, ranking the 4th in the overall ranking of China's largest online bookstore royal sales ranking novel by 2016, three years after its publication. Among the short stories in the book, 10 of them are filmed or ready for filming, including "I want someone like you when I pass your world", "Legend of Lolita", "The Boatman", and especially the Is the original work of the movie "Tadao", which starred in the works of Lee, Ki-won, and Geum-sung, released in December 2016,

"I want you to be the last" First love, sorrow, confession, contention, memories ... Deep Night Storyteller 47 story
This folktale collection of the most widely known young writer Zhang Za Za in China deals with the small love stories of ordinary people who are often seen around us. Here, the tranquil warmth that comes when the faint memories that can not be forgotten, the pain to love, the suffering of the bereavement, the fateful encounter, A story of a cheerful and refreshing humor, a tiny anecdote that smiles brightly and ends the nose, and makes you miss someone. All these stories are going to be stories of her, him, you and us. In the stories of 'First Love, Confession, Obsession, Warmth, Fight, Abandonment, Memories' and 'Birth', we will surely find our own shadows, . The material of each short story is not only love between man and woman, but also family life and friendship, life and enlightenment of youth. It is deeply meaningful when things that are not meaningful when I am only in me come back to me through the artist's warm eye, reinterpretation, and sincere affection. A storyteller of the continent who passes through the scenery that passed through the usual, small, and new night, and finds trivial yet beautiful things in it. Its distinctive sensibility and sophisticated writing make readers laugh and cry.

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