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Wide and shallow knowledge for intellectual dialogue: zero episode
Wide and shallow knowledge for intellectual dialogue: zero episode
Wide and shallow knowledge for intellectual dialogue: zero episode
Item#: 9791190313131
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Product Description
Title: Wide and shallow knowledge for intellectual dialogue: zero episode
Author: chaesajang
Publisher: Whalebooks
ISBN: 9791190313131
556 page /152 * 210 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Rarely among domestic writers in the humanities field, the author who has recorded a double-million-seller record of 2 million copies, the author who achieved bestsellers by arousing topics in every book he publishes, and the podcast that ended with a full audience for each lecture for more than two years still tops the list.
A long-awaited writer while running. Chae Jang returned to his new work 《Broad and Shallow Knowledge for Intellectual Dialogue》 after five years. With the artist's unique humor and writing skills, the skill of explaining difficult things easily and organizing boring things with fun is still there. However, if his sense of reality shined in the previous series, this book reveals long-term thoughts and insights without regret.

Modern people encounter a lot of knowledge in a day through various black mirrors. However, most of these fragments of knowledge quickly volatilize and do not take place in life.
Why? It is because the background of knowledge to understand these knowledges is weak.
There are many kinds of knowledge, but there are pre-knowledges that are essential to knowing any knowledge.
This makes me and the world understand me and the world, forms an individual's perspective and worldview, and makes it a subjective understanding of knowledge derived from everyday life. This book [Zero] contains the most fundamental knowledge that you must first encounter if you want to have a true intellectual conversation.
It is this book that will achieve the ultimate goal of knowledge.
The very goal that makes me and my life'better'.

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