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The World Dreamed by Prince Sado
The World Dreamed by Prince Sado
The World Dreamed by Prince Sado
Item#: 9788993119367
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Product Description
Title: The World Dreamed by Prince Sado
Author: Duk Il Lee
Publisher: Morning of History
440 page 153 * 224 * 30 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

YEONGJO 38 YEON On May 21, three men who were trapped in the post during Euphrates died. Since then his name has been taboo, and nobody was able to talk about it. He removed most of the records of him, as well as the fact that he played a crucial role in driving his son to death. It was filled with the Hanhwangrok> of Sejabin Hyegyeonggunghong Hong.

It is said that the result of the conflict between the ideal personality of Youngjo and the psychosis of the apostle taxant is the cause of tragedy. There was no one to doubt the content of the blooded record of the wife of Cesar, and so his story became true. But the records of the annals were different. In the Yeongjo Shilok, we can find records that can prove that the apostolic taxpayer is a character of a sexual group far from the psychopaths conveyed by Hanhwang.

Therefore, the author collects and analyzes diverse dietary sources related to apostolic taxation to fill the gap between two very different records. This brings us closer to the true image of the apostle and to the truth of his death. In the process, the historical situation and the political topography of Young Chung Toge, which are analyzed in detail, become another keyword to understand part of Chosun history.

This book, "The Land Dreamed by the Apostle Three", which revised the Confession of the Apostle Peter, further reinforced the opinions of the Apostle Peter by supplementing the related records in the writings, .

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